Atmosphere CFW for Nintendo Switch is not ready yet

In the light of the recent and precipitated Fusee Gelee release, hacker SciresM has come out of the woods to share the status of Atmosphere, a Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch.

Atmosphere was initially supposed to be released on June 15th along with Fusee Gelee. With the Tegra Bootrom exploit used in Fusee Gelee being leaked overnight, ktemkin had to accelerate the release of the exploit. It did not mean, however, that Atmosphere magically reached the “done” status simultaneously. The CFW was probably on track for a 6/15 release, not a release 2 months before that.

The good news, as SciresM points out, with the exploit now released and Atmosphere being open source, is that anyone with the right set of skills can now contribute to bringing Atmosphere up to a beta-worthy state.


So, what does this mean for Atmosphère?

Atmosphère’s still not ready yet, and public brom bug doesn’t change that — I’ll be working as hard as I can to get it ready asap.

It *does* mean that anyone who is interested can contribute to dev, though — and I hope you all do so 🙂 

In a follow up tweet, the hacker has also asked people to dump their consoles’ NAND once tools are made available to do so.

How can I contribute to or try Atmosphere CFW for Nintendo Switch?

You can download the source code of the Atmosphere CFW on the developer’s github here. If you’re able to compile it and launch it through Fusee Gelee, you probably have what it takes to actually try and contribute to the project 🙂

Source: @SciresM