Atmosphère CFW being updated with support for FW 6.2.0

About a week ago, Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0 was released and it managed to break CFW compatibility due to a new key generation mechanism. However, this key generation mechanism has already been cracked and work on making Atmosphere work on FW 6.2.0 has started!

SciresM demonstrates Atmosphere 0.7.5 running on FW 6.2.0

Progress being made on porting Atmosphere to FW 6.2.0 - External keys are required right now

Right now, Atmosphere can run on FW 6.2.0 BUT you need to provide your own firmware keys and build it yourself

In a recent tweet, developer SciresM showed some recent progress pertaining to Atmosphere running on FW 6.2.0.

Other than the tweet, SciresM has also pushed some FW 6.2.0 support code to GitHub which can be built to obtain CFW binaries. 

This recent progress is no doubt a step in the right direction but it must be noted that it is not yet safe to update your Nintendo Switch to FW 6.2.0 if you want CFW just yet. The reason behind this is because with the most recent commits, Atmosphere requires you to provide TSEC keys for FW 6.2.0 yourself and these can’t currently be obtained through any publicly-disclosed methods. Apparently, you can’t use TSEC keys for older firmwares so don’t try waste your time with those.


What’s next?

Apparently, naehrwert has been able to decrypt TSEC keys on the fly but no word has been given on whether his work will be released or not

Right now, TSEC keys for FW 6.2.0 aren’t publicly available because it may be illegal to post them without disclosing the method used to get them. However, they may eventually find their way online through sketchier means.

On the other hand, developer ‘naehrwert’ has created a version of hekate that decrypts TSEC keys on the fly so that may be an alternative approach that could be taken to generate these firmware keys. However, it must be noted that naehrwert work’s isn’t public right now and it may not be released so don’t hold your breath for it!


With all the progress being made, CFW on FW 6.2.0 may become a reality in the near future but you still shouldn’t update to it if you want a hacked Nintendo Switch. 

As a result, if you’re on FW 6.1.0 or earlier stay there and upgrade when Atmosphere (or another CFW) gets officially updated with support for FW 6.2.0 😉