How to get your hands on a PS4 with firmware 5.05 or lower

PS4 5.05 Jailbreak was announced in May 2018 (it has not been released yet at the time of writing this. Check our PS4 Jailbreak page for the latest status). As always when these things happen, we expect the price of 5.05 PS4s to increase significantly. This is in particular true since those Jailbreaks are typically followed by piracy, which make the devices attractive for a larger category of people than just tinkerers.

If you’re looking for a 5.05 PS4, for homebrew, hacks, or other purpose, follow this guide to help you get a 5.05 PS4 for a reasonable price.

 About PS4 Firmware 5.05

PS4 Firmware 5.05 was released on 2018/01/18 (January 18th, 2018). Any bundle released before that date will have a firmware below 5.05. Bundles released shortly after that date might also have the right firmware, but your mileage might vary.

Some advice when shopping for a PS4:

  1. It’s easier to ensure you have the right firmware version if you get the device new and sealed, not “used”
  2. If you get a “used” console, be careful: most sellers update the console to the latest firmware before selling it. Ask them to confirm the firmware version before buying anything. This is true both online and in brick&mortar stores.
  3. On Amazon and eBay, some sellers sell a different product than what the description says. I have seen some sellers offering the Star Wars bundle instead of the Killzone Shadow Fall bundle, for example. Be careful here, as always, ask the sellers for details if possible. Similarly, some sellers might sell a console + the game as a “bundle” without actually selling “the” bundle as it was originally released. If this happens to you, see point 4 below.
  4. Amazon have a great return policy. Use it if the PS4 is not the one you expected!

Buying a PS4 new, with a low firmware

The ideal way to get yourself an “old” PS4 firmware is to buy one of the old bundles, and to get it new.

On eBay, you can look for PS4 5.05. Make sure to get a “sealed” unit or ask the seller for confirmation of the firmware. On Amazon, searching for PS4 bundle will get you started.

Specific bundles below, keep in mind the list is not exhaustive. Let me insist that you need to do your homework: contact the sellers to confirm as much information as possible before buying, make sure you understand their return policy, etc. There is no guarantee that the links below will consistently ensure a lower firmware. Again, leverage the return policy if you’re not getting what you want.

Alternatively, buying online might not be the best option for you: you might have better luck going to your local “used and new” shop, and actually try the console to verify its firmware. Most local shops will let you check the firmware version if you explain your situation. Remember they just want to sell stuff, not judge you on why you want to buy a lower firmware console. “I’m a tinkerer and need a console on firmware 5.05 or below in order to install Linux, I’m not interested in a more recent firmware” usually gets the point across 🙂

Note: the Amazon links below are affiliate links. You don’t pay anything extra but we get a small commission if you purchase through our links.

Older, harder to find bundles

The bundles below shipped with firmware 4.55 or lower. They are now fairly difficult to find, but you might give it a try


Getting a PS4 running 1.76 might be tough

  • The old “Phat” PS4 model has been discontinued in 2016, so it will most likely always ship with a firmware below 5.05, even outside of a bundle, if you can buy it new. You might want to try your luck.

What about regular PS4 Pro/Slim (not a bundle)?

Multiple people have reported getting firmware 5.07 or 5.50 when buying a PS4 Slim or PS4 pro “as is” (not part of a distinctive bundle). You might want to try your luck, but as time goes by it is likely that your chances of getting a 5.05 firmware on one of these “vanilla” consoles are diminishing.

Wow, all of these bundles are way too expensive, what can I do?

As I mentioned above, you can try your luck and get a “regular” PS4 slim, hoping it will come on a lower firmware.

Or, skip the current hack, buy a vanilla PS4 Pro or PS4 slim today, and store it on a shelf until the next hack comes. When the next hack comes, your PS4 will be on the right firmware or lower. This is what lots of us already did, ending up with one PS4 for hacks and one PS4 for games (that we keep up to date). This gives you the best of both worlds.

Leave your feedback to make this list better!

If you know about other bundles that ship with a low firmware, please let us know in the comments section! Also, if one of the bundles above shipped to you with a firmware above 5.05, please report with as many details as possible (where you bought it, did you contact the seller, did you have any issues doing a return, etc…)