[Guide] ReiNX Installation and Use



ReiNX has the ease of use of Hekate, the sigpatches of SX OS, and the memes of the ReiSwitched discord. It’s just the best thing ever, guys.

So, you want to install ReiNX?

Good, you probably should. Now that it has working sigpatches, ReiNX is the most effective free CFW on the market right now! But you’re gonna need to get into the thing, so that’s where this helpful guide comes into play. You’ll need a few things before we get started:

If you brick your Switch somehow- which would be impressive, honestly- I’m not responsible for that. If you follow these instructions to the letter, you’ll have a working and more importantly sexy custom firmware on your system that will suit all your legal needs!
Installing NSP files is going to get you banned. This is only for people who are indifferent about being banned or have been banned already. You were warned.


  • A Nintendo Switch console
  • An SD Card that’s been formatted to be used by your Nintendo Switch
  • A USB C to USB A cable
  • Some way to get into RCM mode, please consult this comprehensive list of ways to enter RCM mode.
  • The sheer willpower and hype to take your console to the next stratosphere!

Now that you have all the hardware, you’ll need some software, too.
Please go to the ReiSwitched Discord, located here, and say hello while you’re there! You’ll find a package pinned in the reinx-help channel called Darth Meteos’ Super Special SD Stash. It’ll include a zip file with everything you need for the installation ahead, as well as a copy of the Tinfoil homebrew, made by @Adubbz. You’ll also find ReiNX.bin in the same post, which will launch the CFW from RCM mode. However, if you’ve never connected your Switch to a computer, you’ll need to do a couple of things first, to get the drivers playing fair. This guide is assuming that you’ve already done that, but if you’re brand new to the scene- welcome, by the way- you’ll need to do some one-time setup.

First-Time Installation 
This is only for Windows Operating Systems, because that’s what I have.
You’ll need to download a couple of things, first.

  1. Once you’ve got those, connect your Switch in RCM mode to your computer. Windows will recognize an APX device. This is good!
  2. Run Zadig with admin privileges. On the dropdown menu, find APX. That’s your Switch!
  3. Next to a green arrow, there will be a series of driver types that you can cycle through. Choose libusbK (v3.0.7.0), and do it carefully, because this is the most important step.
  4. Click the big button. Congratulations, your Switch is now ready to run payloads!
  5. Extract the folder from the TegraRcmGUI_vX.X_portable.zip that you downloaded, (with X.X being the version, mine is 2.1) and open TegraRCMGUI.
  6. To run payloads, simply click the folder icon and browse to the testpayload.bin and inject the payload. Congratulations on running your first payload!

Now, for the main installation.

  1. Power off your Switch and connect your Switch’s SD Card to a computer of your choice.
  2. Empty the contents of Darth Meteos’ Super Special SD Stash.zip into the root of your SD Card. If your card was empty except for the Nintendo folder beforehand, you should have a layout like this:[​IMG]
  3. Now that the SD Card is set up, please return it to your Nintendo Switch and enter into RCM mode through the method of your choice.
  4. Using the TegraSmasher of your choice, use the ReiNX.bin Payload to get into your Switch.
  5. After the cute animu grill vanishes and you see the Nintendo Switch logo, you can disconnect the Switch from your computer. You’re in!

Accessing the homebrew menu is easy, just open the album! Inside will be tinfoil at least, but you can add many more homebrew apps, including a homebrew app store by @pwsincd, which in turn has basically everything you could ever want. Keep an eye on the ‘Temp, though, for future updates~

When inside the homebrew menu, you can use Tinfoil to install nsp files, by placing them into the /tinfoil/nsp/ folder. At the time of this writing, Tinfoil cannot install updates or DLC, but the links will be updated when that does happen, so don’t worry! All homebrew goes into the /switch/ folder, and any LayeredFS stuff goes into the /ReiNX/titles/ folder.

As more features are added- including a FreeShop-esque service- this tutorial will be updated.
Thank you so much for making the choice to use ReiNX!