MLTHaku for PS Vita

Developer MiraLaTijera recently released MLTHaku, a tool designed to install the basics for a newly hacked PS Vita. The tool makes the following things easier:

  • Installs the gamesd plugin to support SD2Vita permanently
  • Replaces Molecular Shell with VitaShell, installs Vita Homebrew Browser as well as the Henkaku Ensou installer
  • Using your PS vita no longer requires an official memory card (Note from wololo: instead, the SD card should be all you need)

How to install and use MLTHaku

(loosely translated from the original page. Please use this tool at your own risk)



  • (Skip this step if you’ve already installed SD2Vita) Insert your Micro SD in your PC and extract the files of to it.
  • (Skip this step if you don’t already have Henkaku or Henkaku Enso). With Henkaku or Ensou running, using either VitaShell or MolecularShell, go to ur0: and delete the “Tai” folder. Then turn the console off.
  • With your console turned off, remove the official PS Vita memory card, and insert your SD2Vita and MicroSD card.
  • turn the console on, then in the PS Vita browser go to ““. [Disclaimer from use this url at your own risk. Although the whole scene can easily vouch for the official Henkaku url, this one is not i. Source code for this has not been released]
  • Once the process is complete, you should have the Henkaku Enso installer, that you can run (if you already had Henkaku Enso, install it again)
  • Once the vita is restarted, SD2Vita will be mounted permanently.

Source: github, via Joonie86