Nintendo Switch: Checkpoint Save Manager ported to the Switch and goes open-source; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Save Editor Released!

Like Sony with the PSVita, Nintendo also thinks that it’s funny to lock down saves on a device and not provide an easy official way to back them up locally. Now, Checkpoint has been ported to the Nintendo Switch and a Mario Kart 8 save editor has been released since by hacking your Switch, you can decide what to do with your saves!


Checkpoint ported to the Nintendo Switch and goes open-source

Checkpoint is a save manager for hacked Nintendo 3DS consoles that was released last year by Bernardo Giordano which has now been ported to the Nintendo Switch. This save manager is quite feature packed as it features:

  • Support for 3DS and DS carts, digital games and demo titles on the Nintendo 3DS version among many other features.
  • Support for all NAND (local) saves on the Nintendo Switch and support for firmware 3.0.0 on the Nintendo Switch version.
  • An easily navigable touchscreen UI without much fluff so you can easily backup and restore your save games with the least effort possible.

    Checkpoint’s UI is very simple and easy to use so it does its job without added clutter!

Until this release, Checkpoint for the Nintendo Switch wasn’t open-source nor publicly available but now, it’s open-source so that people can contribute to it and perhaps even make it work on other versions of Switch FW.

As version 3.1.0 of Checkpoint is the first release for the Nintendo Switch, the developer would like to state that:

  • It is only confirmed to work on FW 3.0.0 by the developer himself but users have reported it also works on FW 2.3.0.
  • The utility doesn’t work in docked mode so you must use it in tablet mode as it requires touch input to work.
  • To draw the screen, an older method is used but that should be eventually remedied with usage of a shared font library.
  • Currently, the developer doesn’t have access to hacked Nintendo Switch so support and updates may be a little harder to push out as he depends on testers! UPDATE: According to a recent tweet, he now has homebrew access!

Success! Nintendo has been successfully deprived of the $20/year they want for you to backup your saves!

To get Checkpoint for the Nintendo Switch and subsequently defy Nintendo, who wants to become the master of your saves by making you pay $20/year for cloud saves, simply follow the link below and install the NRO file via Homebrew Launcher or your preferred homebrew loader.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe save editor released for the Nintendo Switch

With the advent of the aforementioned Checkpoint Save Manager, GBATemp user “Mega-Mew” has decided to start utilising the new save manipulation abilities to hack save data for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a game that saw massive success on the Wii U which was then enhanced and ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Through this work-in-progress save editor, you can edit:

  • Game statistics such as the amount of coins you have, the number of drifts you did and mini-turbo and jump boost stats.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Save Manager in action. Image courtesy of Mega-Mew (GBATemp). I can confirm it also works on Windows 7.

  • Online play statistics which might inevitably lead to some trouble with Nintendo as according to some people, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe uses Nintendo’s authentication servers before allowing you to use P2P multiplayer.
  • More things in future releases such as kart unlocking and amiibos

In order to use this save editor, you need to first dump your game save data via Checkpoint Save Manager then copy it to your computer and start editing away! Obviously, you need a hacked Nintendo Switch to make use of this save editor.

In order to get this, simply follow the link below.


With the Switch’s saves finally becoming yours, you can download the programs above to defy Nintendo from the link below!

If you have any issues, simply report them to their software’s respective author by following the links below.

GitHub link for Checkpoint:

GBATemp link for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Save Editor:

N.B: Please note that I could not test the software mentioned in this article as I currently do not own a Switch. The best efforts have been made to report accurate information through online research! – Aurora.

Article featured image is from Bernardo Giordano’s GitHub link above.