Nintendo Switch: Hexkyz and Naehrwert update tool to decrypt/unpack Team Xecuter’s SX OS 1.3

Switch hacker Hexkyz has released an update to tx_unpacker, a script to unpack and decrypt Team Xecuter‘s infamous SX OS. Credit goes to hexkyz and Naehrwert for the tool.

The hackers have not stated any goal in reverse engineering Team Xecuter’s OS besides the challenge of it. However there’s no doubt that some people on the scene are hoping to find ways to replicate Team Xecuter’s “backup” loading mechanism, without having to buy a license for their controversial Custom Firmware. Others are already thinking that with a few changes, one could simply boot a modified version of the SX Custom Firmware, that does not check for the tool’s license.

tx_unpacker only extracts the binaries for the Custom Firmware. Reverse engineering them is another story.

Our only recommendation is to be careful, as hardware dongle “companies” have been sneaky in the past with those who tried to bypass their DRMs, a concept that is not foreign to Team Xecuter.

Download tx_unpacker

tx_unpacker can be found on the developer’s github here. If you don’t know how to run that script, trust me, it is not for you and you can safely skip this download.