Nspbuild V1.0 Released: An Automated Tool To Create NSPs

The developer ThatNerdyPikachu has released a new application for Nintendo Switch called nspbuild with the first initial version. nspbuild  is a tool that automates the process of creating homebrews in NSP format for Nintendo Switch. For the inexperienced, the NSPs are practically the CIA (installable titles) of the Switch. This tool is intended to help anyone who wants to create their own NSP, without having information scattered in the forums and so on.

The guide ™

Note: To follow this guide, you need a keys.txt populated in the same directory as nspbuild


Let’s say we want to create an NSP from the Checkpoint program   by  Bernardo Giordano  . First, we clone it with  git clone, so just fill it out. We will get some files, but what we are interested in is the file  .nso. We can keep it in a safe place, feel free to erase everything else.

The icon

(You can skip this step by specifying  noneas an icon, but who wants it? However, you can do it if you wish.)

It’s time to get your MS Paint skills out, let’s plan! For this, you will need a JPEG in 256 × 256 format with zero exif data

To make sure the image has zero exif data , open it with your favorite image editor, save it as BMP, open that BMP, then save it as JPEG.

Creation of our NSP

We’re almost done! Here is the final step, actually building our NSP! What we want to do now is download the  latest version  of nspbuild and insert it in a folder with our NSO and our icon. For this example, suppose our icon is named  icon.jpgand our NSO is named  Checkpoint.nso. When we run the program with zero arguments, we receive a help message:

usage: nspbuild <path/to/nso> <name> <author> <version> <path/to/icon/jpg> <tid>

So, this is exactly what we will specify!

nspbuild Checkpoint.nso Checkpoint "Bernardo Giordano" 3.4.2 icon.jpg 01005791048912af

Once done, we should see a new folder called  out/! What is this? Checkpoint [01005791048912af].nsp!


If you have problems with the program, enter  the Discord server  and ask for help! We will be happy to assist you!