Playstation Classic: From Debug Menu To Public Source Code

The classic Playstation console security lasted only a giorno.Xyzz released on Github The code sorgente.Ma those xyzz? Xyzz is one of the pioneer developers hacking PSVITA known on Twitter as  pomfpomfpomf3 author of gamecard microsd, moonlight Life and part of the Molecule Team, maybe it will be present at 35c3 at the end of the year in Germany. Also to stay in tune, from the YouTube channel of Retro Gaming Arts comes a new discovery where you can access the settings menu of the emulator by connecting a keyboard (confirm the  Corsair K70  and  K95)   to a free USB slot and pressing the Esc key. This reveals a number of settings for the integrated PCSX open-source emulator that potentially allows access to options, including saving states, controls and cheats. The discovery raised the hope that some of the criticisms of the rear console, such as a limited library of games and poor image quality, may soon be addressed with third-party modding. In the open menus, the “Load CD image” option is clearly visible, suggesting that it may be possible to load more games or perhaps only the 60Hz NTSC variants with better performance. There is also an option to enable scan lines, the horizontal lines that allow an LCD screen to emulate the appearance of a traditional CRT monitor.

Github and reddit