PS3HEN V2.0.2 Released

We know that the PS3 and PSVITA scene are the most active with respect to the PS4 scene. These days giant leaps have been made on the new HEN. In order not to lose the “appetite” the developer Joonie86 has released PS3HEN 2.0.2.HEN acronym of Homebrew Enabler allows the installation of homebrew on SuperSlim consoles and consoles where it was not possible to install a CFW (like the PS3 3k etc.). It does not have the functionality of a real CFW but it is a big step of the scene.

Warning: I remind you that HEN is not CFW.multiMAN and other homebrews work but do not have the same functionality as a real CFW.

Friendly instructions from Noob (added from

  • Install HFW 4.84.2 ( find it here  ) from the official firmware 4.84
  • Installation from the hard disk (recommended)
    1) Run  /html/han_flash_mount.html
    2) Install HEN_Installer_HDD_signed.pkg
    3) Restart PS3 
    4) Launch from the new “Enable HEN” XMB icon, under the game column


    USB installation

    • This method requires the USB drive to be connected to charge PS3HEN
    • Some USB drives are not compatible and will not work
    • If PS3HEN.BIN is missing, a failed message will be displayed and the console will need to be restarted
    • * If stackframe.bin is missing, the console will hang and you will need to restart
    1) Run  /  html / han_flash_mount.html
    2) Install HEN_Installer_USB_signed.pkg
    3) Restart PS3 
    4) Place  PS3HEN.BIN  and  stackframe.bin  on  dev_usb000
    5) Start from New ”  Enable HEN ” Icon XMB, Sub game column


  • CFW settings
  • Installation pkg RETAIL / DEBUG
  • Remote playback with PC
  • Dump debug pkg on retail
  • Remote playback ignores the SFO control
  • Chinavia protection
  • videoplayer_plugin
  • Check DVD region (not cracking RCE)
  • REBUG on RCO and XML theme
  • Copy AIO


  • if you get error 80010017 while I have a homebrew it simply means HEN error, restart the console and try again! (reboot is important!)
  • also try to delete cache, navigation data, cookies and the like from the browser, set the exploit page on the homepage


  • DO NOT ENABLE THE FSM (Factory Service Mode) ON A PS3 WITH PS3HEN! – Source
  • CONNECTION TO PSN SHOULD BE MADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DISABLING CFW CFS CAN NOT HIDE THE HEN WHILE ON PSN (a popular method used by CFW users may not be suitable for PS3HEN users)
  • DO NOT INSTALL CCAPI (ControlConsole API)


  • Changing the stackframe 
    1. Unlock C00 activated by default
  • Changes PS3HEN 
    1. RAP activation on the fly, default path: usb000 / exdata / <rap> or usb001 / exdata / <rap> 
    2. Fixed the problem with deletion of the official content NPDRM and impossible to start the error 
    3. Support for the launcher of the PS2 classics 
    4. Patches of the @ DeViL303 advanced download plugin added 
    5. Fixed Install all packages 
    6. Fixed patches explore_plugin 
    7. Removed app restriction on RemotePlay with PC 
    8. Improved game compatibility, eg. COD3 
    9. Hybrid firmware tools available when HEN is enabled (an XML update is required) 
    * Available only through the installation of PS3HEN PKG *
    10. Improved debug support (for developers) 
    11. multiple path to boot_plugins and boot_plugins_kernel (HDD and USB) Thanks to @aldostools

Applications available for HEN

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Psx-place and Github