[PS4] PS2 Classics Released V0.0.0.11

The developer TheDarkprogramer with the help of kozarovv has released a new update useful for users with PS4 on firmware 4.55 / 5.05 of PS2 Classics version 0.0.11.PS2 Classics is a very easy to use converter that allows you to transform an ISO PS2 in PKG PS4 also thanks to the help of a very intuitive GUI. I remind you that the Content id must be in TTTTNNNN format T = Text N = Number and title (Title) with any custom name.

New features
The Temp directory can be changed from the settings
Advanced window (just debug the output in the application)
Multiple ISO support
Config. Personalized Ps2
Removed unused code (comments now removed in a new version)
Includes the new user interface and some important multi-ISO supports
Well I had reports on my github from users who had problems with the MULTI ISO screen (I added a possible fix as I could not reproduce the error).
Secondly I added a way for users to get custom configurations from @kozarovv’s Github , this means we can now get new lua for a single ISO from its github and apply it to PS2 Classic you are trying to create.
Then I added a simple screen at startup that will ask if you want to use a custom folder for the classic ps2 at boot and then the new settings for patches of @kozarovv

I have also added a new font from ps4 to your computer this is the PS4Icons font which has the main boot logo of ps4, and has ps2 psp ext ext which are currently used in ps2 classics
Extract the contents and run “PS4 PS2 Classics GUI.application”
This will install the basic version and all other versions will be updated
In case of problems select Application Files
the PS4 PS2 Classics folder GUI_1_0_0_3
the PS4 PS2 Classics GUI.exe file
PS2 Classics Gui V1

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