[PSVITA] Released Autoplugin V3.59: ADD THE PLUGIN TropHAX

It was April 21 when I decided to create something that could facilitate the scene PSVITA, an automatic plugin installer and thanks to the help of Team OneLua  gdljjrod   we almost reached 190,000 downloads. I hope you keep downloading it. released a new update that adds the SilicaAndPina plugin, TropHAX. Autoplugin for those who do not know it is a homebrew that allows you to install plugins automatically (not only) on PSVITA on the ux0 / ur0 partitions very easily, compatible with H-Encore 3.67 / 3.68 and HENkaku Enso 3.60 / 3.65. And here are the new features:

  • Compatible with HENkaku Enso and H-Encore
  • Now you can install 1,2,3 etc plugin of your liking
  • The updated plugins for 3.68 have all been inserted
  • New graphic version easier
  • Added new functions to the buttons
  • Now you can inject the txt file of pkgj
  • Now you can delete the plugins from the txt file
  • Additional plugins from TheFloW VitaTweaks
  • New SD2VITA installation method
  • Multi-language
  • The description of each plugin is shown in the list of plugins
  • And so much more

Installable plugins:

  • RemasteredControls (Adrenaline)
  • DownloadEnabler
  • NoNpDrm
  • MiniVitaTV
  • NoPsmDrm
  • PSVita-StorageMgr
  • Shellbat
  • Shellsecbat
  • Oclockvita
  • NoTrophyMsg
  • NoLockScreen
  • Vitabright (only 3.60 and PSVITA)
  • pngshot
  • PSV-VSH MENU by joel16
  • Vflux by Applelo
  • Repatch by dots-tb
  • lolicon
  • NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina
  • ds3vita by xerpi
  • ds4vita by xerpi
  • PSVita USB streaming! (UVC USB Video Class) by xerpi
  • DSmotion
  • VitaGrafix
  • usbmc
  • Custom Splash Boot
  • FuckPSSE
  • PSMPatch
  • ITLS-Enso
  • TropHAX
  • etc….



  • Added TropHAX plugin by SilicaAndPina
  • Various updates to Japanese and Chinese languages
  • Contains all plugins updated to the latest version


  • Fixed a bug
  • German language updated (thanks Schn1ek3)
  • Updated Spanish language (thanks RY0M43CH1Z3N)
  • Now when you install the Custom Boot Splash plugin it will create the default “Henkaku” splash, just in case there is no ur0: tai / boot_splash.bin
  • Now you can select your images for Custom Boot Splash in ux0: CustomBootsplash /
  • Detection of the assignment buttons X, O
  • The new additions were made by the OneLua Team. Thanks to them we have reached the 150000 downloads


  • Added the option to convert the image from png (splash.png) to splash.bin (thanks gdljjrod and Team Onelua)
  • Added Custom Splash Boot from Princess of sleeping 
    Warning: It is no longer necessary to edit the config_boot.txt file in ur0: / tai 
    The custom image can be inserted into ux0: CustomBootsplash with PNG extension in the format 960X544 (the image should be called splash .png) 
    ux0: CustomBootsplash / splash.png 


  • Updated plugins: 
    Vitagrafix v 2.4 
    LOLIcon v1.0.1.1 HOTFIX A



Thanks to Team OneLua, TheFloW, nowrep, devnoname120, xyzz, frangarcj, Rinnegatamante, joel16, dots-db, Applelo, SilicaAndPina, Princess-of-Sleeping, Xerpi, Celesteblue, OperationNT414C, qwikrazor87 for the various plugins, NanospeedGamer for video and bug report, MRGhidini, NanospeedGamer, RY0M43CH1Z3N, SridentPSV, chronoss09, Kouchan / kood_infothief, Schn1ek3, Omoinemie, taiwan-no1, Umineko1993, yexun1995, gvaldebenit, dragtaz   for the translation of various languages