[PSVITA] UVC (USB Video Class) Released VPOC6

The Playstation Vita has been in the hands of hackers for some years, but the latest discoveries thanks to the work of yifan lu, Team Molecule, TheFloW, xerpi and many others who have contributed to the scene PSVITA have changed the fate of this under evaluated portable console From xerpi comes a big news, a project started a few months using reverse engineering on the PSvita OS using the PSVITA charging connector and the SceUdcd module, already quite used by the TheFloW developer. Set the PSVita as a USB Video Class device (it’s a class of USB peripherals that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, transcoders, analog video converters and still cameras) is not a trivial matter,obviously it is in the early stages of development and some bugs or problems of reproduction are always present. Genial, who knows in the future what the developer will reserve

From xerpi

So this is a project that I had in mind for some months and finally I decided to put some effort into it.

Let me explain: the Vita system has a module (  SceUdcd  ) that allows you to set the basic USB port Vita (fat and slim) like any USB device by setting custom USB descriptors.

In the past I have already used SceUdcd to make Life as a standard USB HID Gamepad (check  this  ) so I asked myself: why not take advantage of the power of that module and write a plugin that sets the PSVita as  a USB Video Class device (like a webcam or a USB video capture card) and send the screen data to the PC?

And here we are, I did a little reverse engineering on the Vita OS (especially the modules SceDisplay and SceUdcd) to be able to have a very alphabet proof of the skprx concept that works.

As I said it’s a PoC, so do not expect it to work at all: the code is currently very inefficient and I’m not taking advantage of Vita’s colorful hardware color converters and image encoders, it’s all done by the CPU. Also, for now, this version will capture only the movies in the LiveArea.

While it’s not very useful in its current phase, I’m releasing this so I can test it on different operating systems and report back if it’s working or not (I’m developing on Linux, so it’s my test platform).

Installation  :

  1. Copy  udcd_uvc.skprxto your PSVita
  2. Add  udcd_uvc.skprxto the configuration of taiHEN (  ur0:/tai/config.txto  ux0:/tai/config.txt): *KERNEL ur0:tai/udcd_uvc.skprx
  3. Restart your PSVita.

Or simply use my Autoplugin homebrew

Video Test by  NanospeedGamer

Download :