PSVITA]Rilasciato VitaTweakBox V2.04 BETA

If you are looking for an alternative to Vitashell from TheFloW developer, our friend BenMitnicK has released VitaTweakBox, a Vitashell 1.97 mod.

What it contains

Compared to the original version, VitaTweakBox adds a lot of new options like Forecast and Vitaident of the developer joel16.2 options for database recovery, new themes and real-time language change including font, deactivation / activation of free space available, changes various at the GUI.





  • Addition of the partition capacity (graph) instead of the date that does not need much
  • Added the possibility to change the position of the icons and to help the texts of the menu
  • Updated colors / file param



  • New LiveArea theme
  • New VTB theme
  • Beug based on correct data
  • Small problem of correct icon
  • Addition of the user manual
  • Added a help function with the right joystick (Enable / Disable)
  • Added icon menu for VITAident
  • Directory reorganization
  • Language / color / param files updated


  • Added VitaBackup by Joel16
  • Option ux0 / ur0 in the parameter for VitaBackup
  • Added color for the options selector in param.ini
  • Added different colors for the new tweak
  • Added different languages
  • Added export / import of LiveArea’s icon layout (original Kylon luckily)
  • Tweaks files have been reported in the application directory to avoid conflicts


VitaTweakBox 2.04