ReiNX hack nintend switch

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This will be the official thread for things related to ReiNX.

What is ReiNX?:
Its a modular custom firmware for the Nintendo Switch that uses ‘smart’ patching for future proofing and just works™


  • Loads all KIPs from /ReiNX/sysmodules/ directory
  • Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot
  • Default kips with exefs redir from /ReiNX/title/{tid}

Future plans:
I want to maintain the modularity of the codebase and focus on custom sysmodules.

See github page.

Is your code political?
No. My code isn’t sentient enough to understand politics. But considering it runs on anyone’s switch, I can assume it’s at least not a bigot.

Main branch:

(Discord supports free speech and memes)