Release: 3.65 Updater – Enables HENkaku Ensō Custom Firmware on PS Vita Firmware 3.65! – chép game ps4 (chepgameps4.coM)

Well known developer TheFlow has just released his 3.65 Updater, which enables PS Vitas running system software 3.60 to run a 3.65 Custom Firmware by updating the PS Vita’s system software from 3.60 to a pre-hacked version of firmware 3.65.

It is important to mention that this hack cannot be installed on devices that are already running firmware 3.61 or newer. Firmware 3.60 is mandatory for the installation of 3.65 HENkaku Ensō.


TheFlow’s 3.65 Updater is compatible with all three PS Vita devices – the fat PS Vita 1000, the slim PS Vita 2000 and the pocket-sized PS (Vita) TV – as long as they meet the requirements:

It cannot be used on a device that runs firmwares 3.61, 3.63, 3.65 or 3.67 and there is currently no known way to downgrade a PS Vita’s system software. Additionally, HENkaku Ensō cannot be installed on any firmware that is older than version 3.60, but devices that are running those older firmwares can be manually upgraded to firmware 3.60.

Keep in mind that you need to install VitaShell version 1.82 (or newer) before you attempt to update your device from 3.60 HENkaku to 3.65 HENkaku Ensō, otherwise you will end up having a few problems. Just grab it from over here and install it on your PS Vita running 3.60 HENkaku.


Keep in mind that a few restrictions will apply, as soon as your device is running the 3.65 Custom Firmware. This system software update cannot be reverted, which means that you cannot return to firmware 3.60 once the 3.65 Custom Firmware has been installed.

Additionally, you may not attempt to reinstall system software 3.65 itself, due to this uninstalling the custom firmware and leaving you with a device that cannot run homebrews anymore (at least until another exploit has been released). Formatting the device’s settings, memory card and internal storage is possible, though.

Everything else, that you were able to do on 3.60 HENkaku Ensō, should be doable on 3.65 HENkaku Ensō as well. Some applications and plugins may not be compatible with system software 3.65 as of yet and have to be ported prior to being usable. Various popular ones (such as Adrenaline) already have been ported to 3.65, but some haven’t been yet.

Your device is running system software 3.60? Great! Head straight over to the official GitHub repository of the 3.65 Updater, to learn how to install the 3.65 HENkaku Ensō CFW onto your Playstation Vita. It should provide thorough instructions to help you update your device.

If you happen to prefer some visual aid, feel free to check out the tutorial above. It shows various steps regarding necessary preparations, such as uninstalling the old HENkaku Ensō, installing VitaShell v1.82 and the whole update process from system software 3.60 to the hacked firmware 3.65.

If you’re satisfied by TheFlow’s work, consider treating him to a cold drink or even a hot meal. He would surely appreciate it.