S.O.S for the PSVita released – Simple to use Life Insurnace for HENkaku Ensō 3.65 if you mess up VitaShell! – copy game pc ( chepgamemaytinh.com)

If you’ve been following the PSVita scene for the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that TheFlow managed to hack firmware 3.65, run HENkaku Enso on it and release an updater for FW 3.60 to the public. While this is great for a good deal of us since we can now play games that require FW 3.61-3.65 on hacked consoles, it has a catch which is not letting you reinstall VitaShell if you lose it. Thanks to developers ‘ChelseaFantasy’ and ‘HWNJ’, that catch will no longer be something you have to worry about!


What is S.O.S and why should I install it?

This homebrew utility can not only save you big headaches but it also has a nice UI to go along with it!

Due to the fact you can’t reinstall VitaShell easily if you didn’t make a CMA backup or don’t have access to a computer, losing VitaShell can prove disastrous since you won’t have any way to install VPKs, copy files to your Vita and do some other tasks nor any way to get VitaShell back easily. To fix this problem, S.O.S has been created and it has the following features to make your life easier:

    • It installs VitaShell 1.82 on its own. This means that if you have this application already installed on your Vita, reinstalling VitaShell will be as easy as opening up this application!
  • It has FTP server functionality which lets you copy files to/from your Vita and potentially fix issues yourself if you know what’s gone wrong.
  • If VitaShell is already installed, you can tell it to replace the EBOOT.BIN (the executable file) with that of VitaShell 1.82 so that you can fix it if something went wrong.
  • It can be installed from both FW 3.60 and 3.65.
  • It has English and Spanish translations included.
  • It works on the PSVita and PSTV as it doesn’t use touch screen controls.

In which situations is this useful?

S.O.S can be useful in many situations such as:

  • It can reinstall VitaShell if you manage to accidentally (or deliberately) delete it!
  • It can fix VitaShell if an update accidentally breaks it or if you incorrectly updated it.
  • S.O.S can save your back if you forget to update VitaShell to 1.82 or newer before updating to FW 3.65 with TheFlow’s updater. This is particularly easy to do since the automatic updater found in versions of VitaShell up to 1.82 is broken!

While this homebrew utility is very useful, you should still make a CMA backup of VitaShell just to be 100% safe!

To make things quicker, this homebrew lets you replace the binary file of VitaShell only, which is what could break it if something unexpected occurs!


To get this homebrew, simply follow the link below and install the VPK through VitaShell (yes, you must have VitaShell already installed to install this). This, unfortunately, won’t be available on VitaDB as it uses ONELua as its interpreter so don’t hold your breath for that.

If you have any issues, report them on the GBATemp thread below!

GBATemp release thread (includes download link): https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-s-o-s-a-simple-tool-that-will-help-you-if-you-have-an-emergency-on-henkaku-enso-3-65.499044/