[SWITCH] SwitchSDTool V1.02 Released [AGGX1]

Another tool for windows is added to those available on the Nintendo Switch console we are talking about SwitchSDTool of the developer CaitSith2.This is a tool used to dump NSP files from games / dlc / updates legitimately obtained from the e-shop. For those unfamiliar with NSP files, the name given to the format of games that can be downloaded from the Switch online store is the .pkg and rap format for PS3, although obviously there are subtle differences from one device to another. The dump process takes place through obtaining a nand via hekate backup   , the console keys required via  biskeydump  , along with other keys via  kezplez  needed for  hactool . It also requires a google search for the eticket_rsa_kek file . To avoid the risk of ban, delete the profiles of the wifi connection, activate the airplane mode,  BACKUP your NAND  , run biskeydump, follow the instructions to run kezplez to get the keys.txt file, RESTORE YOUR NAND. In the end you will need to  mount a disk mount  to download the PRODINFO.bin file and mount the SYSTEM partition.



  • Fixed a bug where a blank directory on the SD card determined that the decryption process would be permanently stopped.
  • Fixed an issue where if the only items you have are DLC of a given game, you end up with a lot of “Unknown”. Now he is an “Unknown” for a game for which you only have DLC.
  • Added option to delete data only from SD card and keep the decrypted local NCA intact. (This is equivalent to storing content on the switch.)
  • It is no longer necessary to re-analyze the NCAs if you change the language order after analyzing the NCAs. The titles / icons now update according to the new live language order.


  • Added MIT license
  • Show an error message if .NET Framework is less than 4.7.1.