VitaBackup updated to version

As it’s pretty easy to mess something up on your PSVita if you’re tinkering with it, Joel16 has decided to develop an easy backup utility with Berion’s ideas. Now, this potentially headache saving utility has been updated to version 1.1 to make it even better!


What’s VitaBackup?
VitaBackup is an easy backup utility that lets you make a copy of important system files. With this utility, you can back up the following files with just a few button presses:

Encrypted and Decrypted savedata

You may now add custom backup directories and files! Syntax can be found in the links below

Trophy information
The PSVita’s registry which contains system settings and user information
User and Hardware IDs
Game licenses (the .rif files)
The application database (app.db) which is responsible for how the bubble on LiveArea are arranged. Very useful to have a copy of it since it’s quite easy to mess it up if you’re playing around with it.
Activation files (act.dat)
Apart from backing up these files, VitaBackup also lets you restore your backups with a couple of button presses.

As for some reason it isn’t displayed in the UI itself, to backup/restore what you select, you need to press START after you select the options you want.

What got updated/added in version 1.1?
The following got updated/added in VitaBackup 1.1:

A new Light theme was added. This looks quite nice with its blue and white colours!
The VPK (ux0:/vpk) option was removed – It was pretty useless anyway in my opinion
The backup process was restructured so now you make custom backups by modifying the ‘path.txt’ file found in ur0:/data/VitaBackup. (In my opinion, you get all the backup options you’ll ever need but it’s useful if you wish to back up user files such as a ‘ROMs’ folder for your retro games!). Sadly, there’s no compression when the files are packed into a TAR archive so your backups can get quite large if you back up user stuff.
The home button can’t be pressed when the application is backing up files nor can the device auto-suspend.
Some UI refinements and bug fixes

The new light theme looks pretty decent on the Vita’s screen especially if you’re in a place where there’s a lot of light

To get this homebrew, simply download the VPK from the link below, copy it to your Vita/PSTV and install it via VitaShell. Currently, VitaBackup 1.1 isn’t available on VitaDB but it should be there soon as v1.0 was uploaded after a short while.

If you have any issues, report them to Joel16 on the GitHub or /talk link below!

GitHub release page (download link+ full changelog):

/talk thread for VitaBackup (more info):