VitaShell 1.92 (and 1.91) released – Support for FW 3.68, new files can be created, ability to mount gamesd as ux0

On Saturday, TheFlow revealed that he’ll be releasing his FW 3.65-3.68 hack, which he developed through an entry point Freakler found, on the 1st of July (2018)! Without a doubt, we need VitaShell to work on FW 3.68 devices so of course, VitaShell got updated.

What is VitaShell?

VitaShell is an all-in-one file manager for hacked PSVita and PSTV consoles developed by TheFlow. This homebrew has been around since the Rejuvinate days (FW 3.5x) and it’s evolved quite a lot since then.

With VitaShell, you can manage your files with style as there are many great themes available! (Theme shown: Hatsune Miku theme by Acemad)

These features include:

  • An FTP Server to copy files over to your device
  • Ability to use your PSVita as a mass storage device (i.e a pendrive) so that you can easily and quickly copy files from your PC over USB
  • Theme support so that you don’t get bored of the default look
  • A text editor, picture viewer and QR code reader
  • Many other features like the ability to copy files between partitions, open various types of archives and refresh LiveArea



What got updated/added in VitaShell 1.92?

VitaShell 1.92 and 1.91, which was released a few hours before, bring along:

  • Support for FW 3.68 – This is very important as this FW will be hacked in 13 days’ time! – 1.91

    You can now create new files through VitaShell! This makes creating configuration files for your homebrew/plugins much easier!

  • The ability to create new blank files. This feature is useful if you need to create a *.txt file or some other configuration file. – 1.91
  • You can now go back to the base directory (/) if you press the L trigger when opening VitaShell BUT this isn’t working on v1.92 for me! -1.91
  • You can now mount gamesd (presumably this refers to the device in your game cart slot) to ux0: – This addition probably has something to do with SD2Vita support on FW 3.67/8. – 1.92
  • A bug that caused VitaShell to run out of memory has been fixed. – 1.92



Remember, while this update adds support for FW 3.68, you can’t use it on that firmware just yet. This is because you need to wait for TheFlow to release his hack first so hang in there for another 13 days!

Make sure to turn on your WiFi so that VitaShell prompts you to update automatically!

If you encounter any issues, report them to TheFlow on the GitHub link below.

VitaShell 1.92 GitHub page (manual download link + changelog):

TheFlow’s donation link (it’s in the README itself. Yes, the email has the word Cinderella in it but TheFlow has confirmed that it’s legitimate 🙂):

TheFlow’s Twitter: