VitaShell cập nhật 1.5, có thể kết nối ổ cứng để chép game|

Developer TheFlow delivered on his promise way earlier than expected, with an update to VitaShell that now gives PS Vita HENkaku users USB Mass storage access. In other words, you can now copy files to and from your PS Vita directly from your system’s built in features rather than using QCMA, Sony’s official CMA, or an FTP connection.

As one of the people who most prominently complained against Sony’s mechanism to copy files to and from the PS Vita (The Content Manager Assistant), I am super excited to see this feature coming to VitaShell.

Under the hood, the USB Mass storage functionality is enabled through a kernel plugin that patches some of the I/O functions related to the memory card. Technical details can be found in VitaShell’s source code.

In addition to USB access, VitaShell 1.5 brings the following updates, according to the changelog:

  • Added USB mass storage transfer support.
  • Added RAR archive support (by Mayoshiroi).
  • Added coredump viewer.

A few tips and known limitations with this release:

  • To get this to work on Linux, you’ll need the exfat drivers working properly. People recommend to sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils. On Archlinux however, other people have recommended to install exfat-dkms-gitinstead of exfat-fuse and exfat-utils.
  • On windows, make sure to uncheck Hide protected operating system files in your explorer options (or check show all hidden system files). Otherwise some of your Vita’s folders will not appear in your interface.
  • The USB Mass storage functionality is not available on PS TV/Vita TV
  • The update brings a new feature not mentioned in the changelog. According to theFlow: you don’t need to copy VPKs anymore. You can copy the content to ux0:YOURFOLDER and on VitaShell, click /\ (triangle) and choose more->install folder
  • Some people are reporting issues installing VPKs with this new update (app freezing). A workaround is to used the feature mentioned above: open the VPK with a utility such as Winrar or 7zip on your PC, extract it into its own folder, copy that folder to your Vita and use the “install folder” functionality.

Overall reception for VitaShell 1.5 is positive on social media, with people reporting fast transfer speeds and ease of use.


Download and Install VitaShell 1.5

If you already own VitaShell, the update should install automatically on your PS Vita. If you don’t have VitaShell yet, or for some reason the auto-update did not work, you can get the latest version of VitaShell from the developer’s githubhere.