[XBOXONE] RetriX Released V2.1.1

Alberto fustinoni returns to the scene by  releasing a new update of Retrix in version 2.1.1.Transform your XboxOne into a multi-emulator with RetriX, a port of LibRetro in LibretroRT, a framework that allows you to bring the Libretro core to the WinRT components on the Xbox One that can emulate the games of a wide range of systems, such as NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, with more additions planned in the future, such as the N64 console and Dreamcast. This new version updates the cores, adds support CHD for PlayStation, Mega CD, PC Engine and PCFX and adds support for analogue input for PlayStation. I remember you no longer need to import certificates for installation, simply install the appxbundle file as if it were a traditional installer .


Design goals
  • Complete compliance with UWP sandboxing
  • The cores run on SwapChain panels, allowing XAML interfaces and DirectX interop  and front end interfaces  to use native UWP commands for the user interface
  • Supports Windows 10 on all platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Xbox, VR) and architectures (x86, x64, ARM)
  • Allows packaging and distribution via NuGet for a great development experience
Goal of the project
  • Creation of a UWP Libretto for a better experience (adequate DPI scale, native look and feel, full screen as a borderless window, integration with the modern Windows audio pipeline)
  • Increase security with the emulation code executed in sandbox
  • Create meaningful use for UWP sideloading in Windows, as Microsoft has decided to ban emulators from the store
Current state
  • Created a framework to accelerate the porting of Libretto based software with WinRT components
  • Port of GenesisPlusGX, Snes9x, FCEUMM, Nestopia (does not work well, use FCEUMM instead), VBAM, Ganbatte, BeetlePSX, Beetle PCEFast, Beetle PCFX, Final Burn Alpha, MelonDS
  • The WinRT audio components created to communicate between the Libretto audio rendering interface  and theWindows 10 AudioGraph   API 
  • WinRT component of input managers created to communicate between the Librio input polling interface and the   Windows 10 Gamepad APIs
  • Created  Win2D  based on video rendering. Supports Libretro software bases.
  • Created RetriX, a native XAML-based Libretto front end, with a user interface optimized for mouse, touch and gamepad interaction: scale from phones to tablets, traditional PC factors and Xbox One.
  • Implemented a way to virtualize file system access from cores: allows you to open zipped and multi-file games
  • Added support for some CD-based gaming systems: Mega CD and PlayStation
  • Created signed appx packages with a valid Authenticode certificate to make installation as easy as traditional desktop applications
  • Completed Xbox UI: RetriX can now be fully used with only one gamepad as an input device
Road map
  • Expand the framework to allow porting of OpenGL-based cores to WinRT using  Angle,  while leaving the front end to be written in a language other than C ++
  • Port of multiple core Libretto
  • Split LibretroRT (port of core Libretto to UWP) from RetriX, distributed through the Nuget package, the latter via direct appx downlad in addition to the availability of origin
  • Create appx signed packages with a valid Authenticode certificate to make the installation as simple as traditional desktop applications
  • Complete the Xbox user interface (create a game menu to allow saving / loading and closing of the game without leaving RetriX)


  • Added IGS PolyGame Master support
  • Added toggle to force the touch gamepad display on touch-compatible devices


  • Added Sega 32X support through PicoDrive
  • Bumped min version of Windows 10 to Fall Creators Update


Fixed different problems on non-desktop platforms

  • Renderer
  • Bad ARM core builds


Initial version of the RetriX 2.0 cycle

  • Strong Dependencies Removed on UWP – The shared assembly is completely cross-platform.
  • The RetriX repository is now separate from the cores it uses
  • RetriX uses NReget’s LibRetriX as the basic interface of the emulator
  • Added user selectable filtering options, which can be changed at any time in the game: linear and near next


– Added selection of screen rotation in core and support for files opened by File Explorer that can be run from multiple cores.


– Corrects the Wonderswan emulation


– Support for CHD for PlayStation, Mega CD, PC Engine and PCFX 
– Support for 
updated PlayStation -Core analogue input


Updated the cores and fixed some bugs

v 1.8

Added support for Final Burn Alpha, PC-FX and PCEngine CD


Added Neo Geo Pocket and Wonderswan emulator support 
Various bug fixes 
This RetriX release is signed with a valid Authenticode certificate. 
It is no longer necessary to import certificates for installation, simply run the appxbundle file as if it were a traditional installer.


Various bug fixes


Press view, then options (select then Start) or the space bar or the keyboard during the game to pause and recall the game menu to save / load etc.

Press the same key combination to hide the menu and resume.


Stability corrections and  Added interop of OpenGL ES to the renderer


You can follow our guide to this address



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