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PKGi PS3 beta release


Here’s a first beta release of my PS3 port of PKGi. Please keep in mind that it’s an early release and it could have many speed/optimization improvements.


First things first, download link:

after install, you’ll need to create a “pkgi.txt” file on /dev_hdd0/game/NP00PKGI3/USRDIR

The file should contain the list of PKG files (URLs) that you’d like to list in the app.
The file is simply a CSV (comma separated value) text file with the following format (each line means one item in the list):



  • contentid is full content id of item, for example: UP0000-NPHA99999_00-0000112223333000.
  • flags is currently unused number, set it to 0.
  • name is arbitrary string to display for name.
  • name2 is currently unused alternative name, leave it empty.
  • rap is the 16 hex bytes of the RAP file, if needed by the pkg (.rap will be created on hdd0/exdata). Leave empty for no rap file.
  • url is http url where to download the content PKG.
  • size is size of pkg in bytes, or 0 if not known.
  • checksum is sha256 digest of pkg as 32 hex bytes to make sure pkg is not tampered with. Leave empty to skip the check.

For example, the pkgi.txt could be something as:

EP0000-NP9999999_00-0AB00A00FR000000,0,My PKG Test,,dac109e963294de6cd6f6faf3f045fe9,,2715513,afb545c6e71bd95f77994ab4a659efbb8df32208f601214156ad89b1922e73c3
UP0001-NP00PKGI3_00-0000000000000000,0,PKGi PS3 v0.1.0,,,http://bucanero.heliohost.org/pkgi.pkg,284848,3dc8de2ed94c0f9efeafa81df9b7d58f8c169e2875133d6d2649a7d477c1ae13

text search is not ready yet, so don’t worry about it
pkg file download supports resume, so you can stop at any point with O (circle) and then continue later.
(I’d like to support background download but that’s something I need to research first, to see if it’s even possible)

feel free to share you comments and suggestions, I’ll try to clean up the source code and share it on GitHub soon.

I hope to bring some more new stuff to the PS3 in the future! :D