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PKGi PS3 v1.1.0 released

PKGi PS3 is a PlayStation 3 port of PSVita pkgi.

The pkgi-ps3 homebrew app allows to list, select and download .pkg files directly on your PS3.


Download link: https://github.com/bucanero/pkgi-ps3/releases/latest
Source code available on GitHub

  • PKGi PS3 v1.1.0

    Quite a bunch of changes this time:


    • Added TTF fonts to support Japanese characters
    • Added SSL support (the app can download https:// links)
    • Added package install bubble for Direct downloads
    • Added background music
    • Added settings options for music and auto-update


    • Fixed UI issue where texts could go beyond the screen limits

    Merry X-mas! :D

See the project’s README on GitHub for more information: https://github.com/bucanero/pkgi-ps3

feel free to share you comments and ideas! :cool2: