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[3DS] Universal-Updater V2.2.1 Released

We are sure that the 3DS scene is almost at a point of arrival, while that for Nintendo Switch runs without stopping.If you are looking for an online tool to update homebrews such as TwilightMenu ++, Gbarunner2, an App Store / UniStore and an FTP server, here is Universal- Updater from the Universal-Team team . This new “tool” allows you to update the most used tools on 3DS through  JSON scripts that are always functional and very fast and stable

Some features include:

  • Flexible and easy to make scripts
  • Predefined scripts that anyone can send available for download from within the app
  • Translated into English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  • Customizable interface colors
  • Get some useful Homebrew apps thanks to the implementation of TinyDB


This version rewrites the entire UniStore structure to use a  Array, which allows you to sort the items by their importance.

What’s new?

  • Adds a TinyDB button to the Store Search feature, to make it easier to get TinyDB.
  • Requires an update at each launch of the Store, so you can still have an updated store.
  • TinyDB support has been completely added! So no longer temporarily my placeholder file!

Every shop needs to be rewritten! Older stores will cause an exception or something if I remember correctly. I am sorry for that.

Have fun with this version. ~ Universal-Team