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[3DS] PoyoInstaller V3.0.1 Released

The French developer Murasaki64 has released a new version of PoyoInstaller with a new version 3.0.1.PoyoInstaller is a 32/64 bit windows application that allows you to install your .cia files via QR code from FBI directly via the Internet on 3DS .



  • The buttons to exit PoyoInstaller from the application do not close the application directly, it will remain in the background. To close the application, you must close the application with ALT + F4 or with the Windows button.
  • The system in the background allows you not to interrupt the communication between the console and the computer during the installation of a game when you press “without doing it on purpose” on the button to exit (I have been asked several times X)Like version 3.0.0:
    • The system also works with your Nintendo Switch and games in format (NSP / XCI / NSZ / XCZ)
    • Now you can drag and drop the game from the main menu
    • The software no longer needs administrative permissions, however:

    ⚠️ The drag-and-drop system does not work for an unknown reason if you start the application
    as an administrator.

    ⚠️  If this is the first use of this software (all versions combined) it is advisable to start it as an administrator so that the software can make some important changes, then you can start it normally to benefit from the drag and drop system 🙂

    If you are not interested in the background system, you can install version 3.0.0 of PoyoInstaller