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[SWITCH] Gamecard Installer NX V2.0.0 Released

We have waited for the new update to be able to write the news and this time it is really very stable. The developer ITotalJustice has just released a new update of Gamecard Installer NX in version 2.0.0 With this new homebrew, you can install Nintendo Switch game cards directly in the console’s NAND or on the SD card. If a game card contains several games, they can be changed with “L” and “R”. If the MP3 files are copied to “/ switch / gamecard_installer /” (or a subfolder of it), they are played in the background one after the other. This version corrects some bugs that have caused incorrect installations.



Many changes to the code. Now the CNMT is analyzed when the game board is mounted. This means that sigpatches are no longer needed for the app, however, patches will still be needed to play.

The installation speed is now faster, there is much more information on the game board, its contents are displayed and there are some settings to play with!
What’s new?

Settings menu.

Game information menu.

Option to lower keygen (even installation without ticket).

Option to choose to install base, update or dlc.

Show total base, update and dlc per game.

Textures are now fully cached, while installations increase slightly (~ 40 MiB / s in nand).

Enable / disable music and sound.

What has been fixed?

Only the base game had been previously installed, this was a huge oversight for me. Closes # 13

The text is now truncated so that it no longer appears off the screen. Closes # 11

How to use it


Download the latest version and unzip the content to the root of the SD card.

This should result in a folder structure like this  /switch/gamecard_installer/gamecard_installer.nro.

Multi gamecard

Some game cards have multiple games inside. An example is the Child of Light & Valiant Hearts game card.

These can still be installed. Pressing  Lor  Rwill allow you to scroll through the games on the game board.


This app can play music!

Simply insert any .mp3 file into /switch/gamecard_installer/.

You can have .mp3 in folders if you prefer, the app will scan recursively. Ex  /switch/gamecard_installer/music/song.mp3.

Here is a great site for high quality video game music.