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[SWITCH / PSVITA / PSP / 3DS] DDLC-LOVE V1.1.5 Released

New update of Doki Doki Literature Club, arrives in unofficial form (in the form of port) by the developer LukeZGD with DDLC-LOVE in version 1.1.5 for Nintendo Switch, PSVITA, 3DS, PSP and PS3. The Visual novel game, Psychological Horror genre , it is quite well done with very nice graphics and drawings.Tale of a boy (your protagonist) and a group of cute girls who have to prove that their literary club deserves to become an official school organization. Your protagonist hopes to forge new ties with some of them along the way. The game encourages you to choose a girl to write a poem and, depending on your choices, you can get closer to the charming and sweet members of the club. During the game’s story everything changes due to the shocking and emotional death of a character… ..



  • Save data control improvements     
  • Merged plus 3ds and ddlclove code     
  • Fixed problem with dialogue fading after special poems     
  • Added detection of some scripting problems     
  • Some game assets updated


  • Fixed some loading errors for game events, scripts and resources that prevented progress


  • Better word wrapping on all platforms
  • Fixed script errors that can prevent progress


  • Game of the poem: removed possibility of having doubled words
  • Game of the poem: adds the text of the glitch
  • Game of the poem: other random events in Act 2
  • Fixed the problem of unsaved settings
  • Fixed the flashing poem text between 2 characters
  • Added simple character animations (similar to early versions of DDLC-3DS, but better)
  • Made the console 4 lines instead of 3
  • UI / menu improvements! Most are now identical to the original
  • Event updates / improvements
  • Audio loop!
  • Show / hide the text window with R Trigger / Plus
  • Better scrolling (poems and chronology)


  • Text outlined (disabled on PSP systems)
  • Volume settings! The main volume only works on Switch and the Music and Sound volume only works on PSP / Vita.
  • (Life) Some sprites updated
  • (Switch) Warning when os.time () returns nil instead of error


  • Initial release for PSP!
  • Added some things missing in act 2!
  • (SWITCH) Update of LovePotion to 1.0.3
  • (SWITCH) Now use lg.printf for better word return

Changes in both -3DS and -LOVE v0.5.0:

  • History / backlog functionality
  • Scrolling for poems!
  • All scripts (excluding events) are now cross-platform! This means that custom scripts like translations should work on all versions (3DS will have problems with special characters)
  • Fixed some issues and errors that prevent progress
  • Other minor changes and improvements


  • Fixed credit error
  • Solves game errors that prevent progress
  • Corrects some images with incorrect resolution
  • Other minor changes and improvements?



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