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[SWITCH] Released Sys-Con V0.6.0

The cathery developer has released a new sys-con update with the new version 0.6.0.SYS-CON is a system module for supporting third-party controllers. It also aims to provide full functionality for the most popular game controllers. not supported by Nintendo Switch. Currently, only USB connection is supported   . Lots of features are missing in this app. For more information, see the  problems page  .

Problem guide:

I still can’t support your generic third-party HID controller.

It’s a firmware limitation and I’m trying to get around this.

If error 2003-0008 (0x1003) is displayed:

You are running too many sysmodules. Disable other memory modules that require memory like sys-ftpd or ldn_mitm.

If you have a second generation Dualshock 4:

You have to go up sdmc:/config/sys-con/config_global.iniand change the value of  use_dualshock_2nd_generationfrom  false to true.


Download the latest zip file from the release page  . Extract to your SD card and start / restart your switch.


sys-con comes with a configuration folder located in  sdmc:/config/sys-con/. Contains options for adjusting the dead zone of the stick / trigger and for remapping inputs. For more information, see  example.iniin the same folder. All changes to the files will be updated in real time.


This is a temporary version which I am forced to publish because of all the underlying issues that are still present in previous versions. The “actual” version 0.6.0 will arrive later.

  • The sysmodule code base has been rewritten to use the libstratosphere.
    • This will make it easier in the future to allow other homebrews to communicate directly with sys-con.
    • The code now also seems a little cleaner 🙂
  • Fixed an issue introduced by v0.5.2 that caused the system to hang when left in sleep mode with a controller connected.
  • Fixed the problem introduced by v0.5.2 which prevented sys-con from recognizing more than 2-3 controllers simultaneously.
  • (Hopefully) fixed an issue that prevented controller recognition until the sys-con is restarted.
    • This was caused by the random loss of the sys-con’s USB handle, making the USB side of the sys-con completely useless.
  • (Hopefully) fixed an issue that caused the system to hang when a controller was disconnected.
  • The sysmodule will now delete the previous log file if it is too large (approximately ~ 130 KB) on startup.

Note:  this is the latest version of sys-con which can still be enabled and disabled directly via Kosmos Toolbox without restarting the console. All later versions will require a restart.