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[SWITCH] The Legend Of Sword And Fairy V1.0 Released

The developer usineur known for the various ports of the old games like Prince of Persia has released a new port of The Legend of Sword and Fairy for Nintendo Switch.sdlpal the name of the open-source project available on GitHubis an SDL-based reimplementation of the classic Chinese-language role-playing game “Xiān jiàn Qí Xiá Zhuàn” known as Chinese Paladin, Legend of Sword and Fairy or PAL, a game / media franchise created by Yao Zhuangxian and developed by the Taiwanese company Softstar . The franchise is centered around a series of role-playing video games based on Chinese mythology, but also includes two live-action TV series adapted from the games. The first game of the same name in the series was released by Softstar’s “Crazy Boyz” team in 1995, and became a commercial and critical hit, and many sequels were generated due to its popularity. The video game series later branched into other genres such as business simulation games and MMORPGs. It was considered one of the most iconic Chinese role-playing games ever made.


Note: GLSL RetroArch shaders are supported   . To enable them:

  • Set the option  EnableGLSLto  1insdlpal.cfg
  • Set it  Shaderas your Shader (eg  Shader=4xbrz.glsl)
  • Copy the shader in /switch/sdlpal


keys Exploration Combat mode
Up Move north / up Up
Down Move south / down Down
Left Move west / left Left
Right Move east / right Quite right
TO Select / Interact / Skip dialogues To select
Y Spell attack
B Open menu / Cancel Cancel
X State State
Hold L + Up Go to the previous page of “Article” Go to the previous page of “Article”
Hold L + Down Go to the next page of “Article” Go to the next page of “Article”
Hold L + Left Go to the first “object” of the current page Go to the first “object” of the current page
Hold L + Right Go to the last “object” of the current page Go to the last “object” of the current page
Hold L + A stick up for
Hold L + Y Automatic mode (COOP)
Hold L + B Leave the game (with confirmation) Run away
Hold L + X To repeat
R Use the object Use the object
Hold L + R Equip the item Throw the object



  • First public version