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PS3 Toolset by bguerville: A powerful collection of tools fueled by new PS3 exploit

You may recall a recent article revealing a few exclusive screenshots of bguerville’s latest project, now the time has come to introduce the next evolution in PS3 Jailbreaking solutions. The PlayStation 3 Toolset by @bguerville is a new suite of tools, built upon a new PS3 exploitation framework & fueled by a new exploit discovered on the PS3 by the developer. The new exploit (and the toolset project as a whole) is compatible with all PS3 models running 4.82 – 4.86 OFW/HFW/CFW

While ps3xploit team member’s @habib continued research and development of PS3HEN for nonCFW models with assistance from @esc0rtd3w, @bguerville meanwhile was working on his own research and developing other tools and exploits as you will see with this new PlayStation 3 Toolset, which thorough testing was conducted by @esc0rtd3w (whom we recently interviewed). All the team of talented devs have done some amazing work in the scene in recent years with all the PS3Xploit projects and that trend continues with this release.

The PS3 toolset is a project that @bguerville has been working on for some time,
the developer gave us a brief timeline of events since the Ps3Xploit Tools 2.0 framework (flash writer and dumper(s)) that led to this new release (see the timeline section).

Some tools in this project may offer limited features on non-CFW compatible consoles. For instance, the Flash Memory Manager includes the most functionality for CFW-compatible consoles, certain of its features are available on non-CFW models, others aren’t. Features such as the dumping of flash memory (for backup purposes) and displaying of various console specific information in real-time such as the IDPS, Factory Installed Firmware version and automatic detection of your console’s Custom Firmware (cfw) compatibility status are available on both CFW compatibles & non CFW compatibles console’s.

Note that the PS3 Toolset does not feature PS3HEN, bguerville declared having his own plans for a HEN style solution.

The validation and safety checks have advanced greatly in this latest framework of bguerville’s tools (since the release of the flashing tools in PS3Xploit v1.0 and v2.0), the toolset detects your console type and only allows the features that are compatible with your console to be used on your system, making it noob proof while also being very user friendly thanks to new automation and detection built in.

Let us now discover this release and how to use various functions of the toolset.


  • PS3 Toolset by bguerville
    PS3 Toolset by @bguerville.png 9797979.png
    “The PS3 Toolset is a repository project for tools built upon a new ps3 exploitation framework I have been working on for a while. More tools should be added to this repository with time.
    I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them ;-)”​
    – @bguerville

    Project Timeline:

    • End 2018, Sony patches one of the bugs the ps3xploit tools exploited to gain ROP execution. (4.83 OFW release)
    • Beginning 2019, I begin to look for a replacement exploit & the release of ps3xploit tools 3.0 is postponed.
    • Spring 2019, I rewrite most of the 3.0 framework to leverage the new capabilities gained with the new exploits.
    • Summer 2019, realizing the potential of the newly written 4.0 framework to create flexible & powerful tools, I decide to cancel the 3.0 release altogether & scrap the 3.0 framework.
    • Beginning 2020, I am releasing this “Toolset” project, as a repository for the tools created around my 4.0 framework that I deem release worthy, each tool being accessible in a toolset tab. This project is the fruit of many sleepless hours during many months, it showcases only part of the 4.0 framework capabilities though, there is still room for more surprises later… 😉
    The initial release, contains a couple userland tools, a fully featured Flash Memory Manager & a Memory Editor (mostly for development & research purposes). A file explorer tool should be added to the repository soon, it will be the last userland tool I write for the foreseeable future

    General Information about the PS3 Toolset

    • Toolset supports all ps3 models & official firmware versions from 4.82 to 4.86 (cex & dex) *some ps3 models have exclusive features/tools (note: toolset tools will also work from CFW)
    • PS3 Toolset is executed from the PS3’s Web-Browser by visiting the following URL (SSL): https://www.ps3xploit.net/bgtoolset
    • PS3 Browser Requirements
      • JavaScript (Enabled from browser settings)
      • Cookies (Enabled from browser settings)
      • Flash Plugin (Enabled, but this one has a few caveats that may need explaining, the good news being that the toolset will detect the issue and let you know how to proceed (if there is an issue), see further explanations below)
        • If ever in the past, you agreed to load the Flash Player plugin when prompted and checked the checkbox “Do not show again”, you should have no issue & will never even see the plugin popup.
        • If you never before checked the “Do not show again” checkbox, you will be greeted with a popup asking you to allow the Flash player plugin. If you agree to load the plugin, the PS3 toolset should continue to load. Note that if you take more than 15s to agree when prompted by the popup, you will get a PS3 Toolset warning about the plugin being disabled even if you finally agreed to load the plugin, just refresh the page when prompted.
        • If ever you got the Flash Player plugin popup in the past & selected NO and checked the checkbox “Do not show again”, the Flash Player plugin will be permanently disabled, consequently the PS3 Toolset will not be able to load. Unfortunately there seems to be no official way to reset this setting in the browser. The PS3 toolset does have automatic detection of this issue and some instructions are given. Currently the easiest workaround is to create a new user profile on the XMB, when launching the toolset on the new profile, you will be greeted with the browser pop-up asking to allow the flash plugin. However it has been found that in some cases, a new user profile is not sufficient to reset the Flash Player plugin status. I hope that other devs & advanced users will look into this situation while I continue working on new tools, if nobody does, I might end up looking into the problem after the next tool release.
    • You are free to use the tools in this project at your own risk. Keep in mind that no official support is provided, if you experience any kind of problem & find yourself in need of help, I strongly recommend that you turn to the PS3Xploit sub-forum on psx-place.com for support & guidance..
    • It is highly recommended that you adjust the console’s System Time settings properly to avoid any time related issues with the browser and/or the Flash Player plugin.
    • To avoid potential crashes, you should never attempt to close the browser while toolset operations are in progress, especially when the browser exit confirmation setting is turned off.
    • PS3 Toolset only loads tools & features compatible for your console, this means no accidental use of a feature not compatible with your system.
    • No local/offline version is planned & the source code will remain closed for the time being.


From the PS3 web browser you can access the toolset @: (SSL only)



Update (4) – Issues has been resolved and FMM has been updated to
v1.0.22. A fix for the handful of ppl with NAND consoles who are stuck unable to install another firmware at

Instructions here for NAND ISSUE: