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First Alpha Build released! – N64 Emulation Progressing on PS Vita by @Rinnegatamante

(Update May 1st – First Alpha Build Release!!!): Developer’s Rinnegatamante & masterfeizz (provided ARM dynarec support for both Vita/3ds ports) have been making significant progress on the Vita port, while there is still improvements to be made the first build is ready for release of the first native Nintendo 64 emulation (DaedalusX64-vitaGL) on the PS Vita. Take a look at the development timeline below for a view of some details during the development cycle that got us to this point in the recent weeks. There is a new video attached below in the timeline as well that showcases some of the recent progress as well as what you can expect in this Alpha Release. If your using a PlayStation TV (PSTV) then rest assured that you have some features that take advantage of the micro console such as multiplayer support along with Rumble Support for connected DS3/DS4 controllers, Additional features and information about the Alpha Release can be seen in the 2nd tab.

(original article – pre release) Developer Rinnegatamante who we recently interviewed earlier this week in our Power Supply Series is back with another project as he tries to bring Nintendo 64 emulation to the PS Vita, with some assistance from xerpi & masterfeizz. With an experimental (native) Daedalus x64 build for the Vita (not through PSP emulation) that is utilizing VitaGL has been showing some significant progress in the early stages. First announced just a couple days ago Rinnengatamante has been posting various progress reports on the developer’s official twitter and it appears there is some progress being made but still running without a dynarec currently

Fellow developer’s @xerpi has helped in the initial phase of porting the emulator. Then @masterfeizz tracked down some problematic code (from psp) that was glitching the VitaGL renderer and now that has solved many issues with rendering and is almost perfect in that aspect according to Rinngamante’s recent tweets (seen below).. The developer has a preview video of the gameplay progress to give us a bit of insight of the progress that has been made to this Nintendo 64 emulator for the PS Vita.. Its appearing we could potentially have a real solution for N64 emulation on exploited PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV) devices. . This looks to be an incredible step up from the PSP port from the initial looks and details provided of the development. You can checkout the latest progress shown in Video/ Screenshots and various details the developer has shared in a small timeline we have put together below..

  • Development Timeline via @rinnegatamante Twitter
    • April 10: Just experimenting stage, thanks to @xerpi for dealing with the initial porting phase.
      • EVPHcpYVAAE2p7c.jpg EVPHoUyUwAASkX6.jpg
    • April 10: For those wondering, this is an experimental native Daedalus X64 build running with vitaGL as renderer. No dynarec and still some disabled stuffs. Renderer itself seems to have some issues with texturing in general atm. (That’s OOT3D logo screen)
      • EVPt7JMU8AkBLX_.jpg
    • April 10: Progresses on rendering side. Got texturing partially work (there’s still some issues with texels mode and lighting in general).
      • EVQJuBOWkAEIzzE.jpg EVQJyxbXgAEY1XO.jpg
    • April 10: (screenshot)
      • EVPzTJ9UcAIO8xf.jpg
    • April 11: Audio support got added too. Super Mario 64 main menu is actually fullspeed, glitchless and with perfect audio. Sync audio code is way less CPU stressful than the one available in PSP build (PSP code caused two cores to get to 100% and 75% workload whilst mine gets a core to 8%).
    • April 11Kudos to @masterfeizz for finding the PSP-only code that was glitching vitaGL renderer. Now Daedalus X64 has a nearly perfect renderer!
      • EVWInQhXQAAr1Zy.jpg EVWIofnXYAE1XoD.jpg
    • April 11: Gonna show progresses with Daedalus X64 in few mins :
    • April 12: Started working on the in game options menu in Daedalus X64. Thanks to dear imGui usage, it won’t need to pause emulation (unlike what happens on PSP). The menu will be fully touch.
      • EVZt_sAXgAI39gJ.jpg
    • April 12: Populating in game menu is going smooth. As of now there is: audio settings (sync/disabled), savestates, bilinear filter, vFlux and frameskip.
      • EVa0CSLWoAAcVfm.jpg
    • April 15: Spent some hours non stop adapting sceGu texture combiner + color adjuster code from Daedalus X64 PSP codebase to Vita one. Now renderer has way less glitches. Here’s some screenshot for stuffs fixed compared to the video i’ve recorded few days ago.
      • EVqTcQUXgAEvPiX.jpg EVqTd_MWkAIDcXa.jpg EVqTgwpXkAIkf2o.jpg EVqTqMMXgAAMZCf.jpg
    • April 17: Some more renderers stuffs had been fixed yesterday night. (Namingly texturing for tiled textures). As a result, another good portion of glitches had been dealed with.
      • EVywkt8WoAESUDr.jpg EVywndYXgAAri0P.jpg
    • April 17: Daedalus X64 PSP build, due to limits in sceGu, used to approximate texture wrap mode when mirroring was required thus breaking some textures (eg. Mario hat on Super Smash Bros). Correctly fixed this behaviour on Vita build.
      • EV0SaS0WAAAXbSB.jpg
    • April 20: First tests for fog support in Daedalus X64 (still too dense, needs tweaking). 4:3 Aspect Ratio support too got added
      • EWEZrvVWoAI_uGy.jpg EWEZsiKWsAAeAKB.jpg
    • April 21: Thanks to@frangar, original aspect ratio (no upscale) is now properly centered and working. Also zfight has been solved. (Notice the shadow under Mario and star requirements on doors rendered perfectly now)
      • EWH4vdwWAAEty9D.jpg
    • April 21: Concerning dynarec,@masterfeizz started working on an ARMv6 dynarec impl. for Daedalus X64 for his 3DS port. It will be easily adaptable to work with Vita too. Here’s a little comparison between the original v.0.1 PoC and a barebone dynarec impl.
    • April 23: Hw fog finally fixed and tweaked! Perfect fog fully handled by GPU’s now in place.
      • EWUddXzWkAIDrEe.jpg EWUdd6OWAAABbMg.jpg
    • April 30: For those who lost the stream or want to re-watch it, here’s Deadalus X64 Vita with WIP DynaRec implemented:
    • May 1: Daedalus X64 v.0.1 by @Rinnegatamante can now be downloaded from VitaDB or VHBB! More info is available here: https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/549
      • See Next Tab for Info on Vita Port Release details
    • May 1: IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve updated Daedalus X64 build on VitaDB. The new one is a development build one. For some unknown reasons, dev build actually is more stable (eg. Fixes the issues preventing Banjo Kazooie to boot). Everyone please update!
      • You can check if you’re running the proper build by trying accessing Extra -> Debugger. If it shows no text, you’re on the older build.
    • May 2: Nightlies for Daedalus X64 Vita are now available on: https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/DaedalusX64-vitaGL/releases
      • (Reminder: Nightlies are supposed to be in development build which means they could have more issues than stable releases too due to WiP code)
    • May 2: Some reports related to recent improvements:
      • EXBypxLXkAMU2S5.jpg
      • @masterfeizz dropped some ARMv7 optimizations to the DynaRec.
      • Fixed the upside-down issue in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
      • Fixed the screen flickering in several games (eg. Paper Mario)
      • Several minor adjustments