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[3DS] TWiLight Menu ++ V15.0.0 And Nds-Bootstrap V0.35.0 Releasedv

Developer RocketRobz aka Robz8 has released a new version 15.0.0 of TWiLight Menu ++ for DS / DSi / 3DS / 2DS devices . TWiLight Menu ++ is an open source update / replacement of the DSi menu and frontend for nds-bootstrap for DSi and flashcards with unique features compared to TWLoader (obsolete) By Robz8 Starting with this version, this app has been renamed to TWiLight Menu + + (or TWLMenu ++ for short), with DSiMenu ++ which is now the alternative name (replacing DSisionX), next to SRLoader.

Update instructions for a new version

  1. In  sd:/_nds, rename  dsimenuplusplusin TWiLightMenu
  2. Overwrite the folder  _ndson the SD root, with the new one from the .7z file.
  3. For DSi CFW users, put the folder  titlein the folder  CFW - SDNAND rooton the root of the SD card. If you’re asked to overwrite, click  Yes.
  4. On 3DS, install the two CIAs in the folder cia

Instructions (No flashcards, non CFW DSi / 3DS / 2DS users)

  1. In the 7z file, extract the “_nds” folder and the “boot.nds” file to the root of the SD card.
  2. 3DS / 2DS: put it in “sd: / _ nds / dsimenuplusplus / settings.ini”:

    If you are on N3DS / N2DS, enter 3 instead of 2.

  3. 3DS / 2DS: put it in “sd: / _ nds / nds-bootstrap.ini”:
  4. Insert the .gb / .gbc / .nes / .nds folders anywhere on the SD card.
  5. Launch your DSiWare game that has been launched and DSiMenu ++ will be loaded!

Instructions (no flashcards, DSi users with HiyaCFW)

  1. In the 7z file, extract the “_nds” folder and the “boot.nds” file to the root of the SD card.
  2. Extract what is in “CFW – root SDNAND” in the root of your SD card.
  3. Insert the .gb / .gbc / .nes / .nds folders anywhere on the SD card.
  4. Launch DSiMenu ++!

Instructions (No flashcards, 3DS / 2DS users)

  1. In the 7z file, extract the “_nds” and “cia” folders and the “boot.nds” file in the root of the SD card.
  2. Insert the .gb / .gbc / .nes / .nds folders anywhere on the SD card.
  3. Enable the game patch in the Luma settings, if you have Luma CFW.
  4. Install all 2 CIAs in the “cia” folder. NOTE: If you are using EmuNAND, then also install it on SysNAND.
  5. IMPORTANT! : Install  DSiMenu ++ Launcher  and  start it  . DSiMenu ++ Launcher will launch DSiMenu ++ on 3DS / 2DS.
  6. Set some settings (startup screen, notification LED, etc.) according to your preferences.
  7. Select “Start DSiMenu ++”.

List of games that work from the SD card

A list is available at this address



  • Implemented the 12-hour clock on other themes next to the Wood UI!
  • NDS menu font transferred to the R4 theme!
  • Theme R4:  added the date in the menu.
  • Automatically  Save FAT table cacheenabled for novice users with a 32GB SD card or less.
  • Heap Shrink has been removed for DS mode flashcard users!
  • (  @ Epicpkmn11  )  DSi / 3DS / Saturn / HBL themes  :  battery / volume / data images modified in  .pngfile.
  • AP fix added for Russian translation of  GTA: Chinatown Wars  .
  • DSi, DSiWarehax:  During a software reset event   , you can hold X to exit the game.

Bug fixes

  • I tried to correct the widescreen mode which was not activated for some users.
  • Fixed  Unlaunch.dsiissue where a retail game was incorrectly detected.
  • These games now work with  Heap Shrinksets of  Auto-Band hero -Guitar Hero: On Tour -Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades -Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits
  • Theme R4:  fixed the problem with the MasterSystem / GameGear ROMs that did not start, with the RAM option set.
  • DSi theme:  removed the manual icon to correct an unexpected bug where the small dots on the bottom would have been overwritten.
  • Further improvements to the overall stability of the app and other minor adjustments have been made to improve the user experience.


  • The ROM setting function has been added to the game settings again (but only for SDK5 games)! Please check the linked nds-bootstrap page to find out more or what the function is.
  • PicoDriveTWL has been added as an alternative Genesis / MD emulation option. If set to  Hybrid, PicoDriveTWL will be used if the ROM is larger than 3 MB or jEnesisDS if the ROM is 3 MB or less. PicoDriveTWL can also save!
  • (RetroGameFan) Fixed AP fixes for  Anpanman for Touch de Waku Waku Training  and  Tomodachi Collection  .
  • A message is now displayed, if a game is known to be incompatible with nds-bootstrap.

Bug fixes

  • The data cache is now cleared before starting Slot-1 or DSiWare, via Unlaunch. This allows startup attempts to always be successful.
  • The Acekard theme no longer erases ROMs if an error occurs!
  • Pokemon Gen 4 games no longer start, when using DSiWarehax, due to a wireless problem.
  • It is no longer necessary to manually disable the heap shrink for these games: -Ben 10 Triple Pack -Daikoukai Jidai IV: Rota Nova -Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop -Tsubasa Chronicle -The Wild West -Yakitate !! Japan: Ichigou game: Choujou Kessen !! Pantasic Grand Prix!


  • The Atari 2600 arrives on the TWLMenu virtual console! ROMs are launched via StellaDS (from Alekmaul) and the file type is  .a26.
  • DSi:  Unlaunch added as Slot-1 launch method. With this method, you can now launch DSi-enhanced cartridges (except a few) in DSi mode, in addition to the exclusive DSi!
  • Other AP fixes added! -Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver (USA / Europe) (randomized) -Pokémon black and white version (USA / Europe / Korea) (randomized) -Pokémon Black & White version 2 (USA / Europe / Japan / Korea) (randomized) – Neve Hours, Nine Person, Nine Doors (translations in Spanish and Italian) (from RetroGameFan)
  • (  @ Epicpkmn11  )  DSi / 3DS / Saturn / R4 themes   : added deselect all cheats with L.
  • (malekairmaroc7) Added German translation of DSi / 3DS / Saturn themes.


  • Improved TWLCFG check, in case it is overwritten in RAM.

Bug fixes

  • These games now work with automatic heap scaling: -007: Quantum of Solace -Transformers: War for Cybertron: Autobots -Transformers: War for Cybertron: Decepticons
  • Fixed Guru error when started via Memory Pit.
  • Fixed issue with DSiWare detection while also checking the drive code in the ROM. Fixes support for some  new Super Mario Bros  ROM hacks  .
  • I tried to correct the Slot-1 boot code.

Known bug

  • When you use Unlaunch as Slot-1’s launch method, the game doesn’t always start, so keep trying if it fails.


  • TWL (DSi-Enhanced) cartridges now start (but only in DS mode for now)!
  • If an existing software recovery parameter file exists on the SD card, when starting TWiLight Menu ++, the last DS game (s) started will be started with the existing parameters.
  • The first (but not all) SDK2 games, as well as some SDK3-4 games, will now no longer show the heap reduction option!
  • The DS Classic menu now indicates that you can press B to return to the ROM menu.
  • (RetroGameFan) Fixed AP fix files for  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time  .
  • AP fix added for: -Chrono Trigger (SPA) -Megaman Battle Network: Operate Star Force (ENG) -Nora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo (CHN) -Puyo Puyo !! 20th Anniversary (ENG)
  • (gamemasterplc) Added widescreen support for  B-17 – Fortress in the Sky  (USA).
  • Added game language options in Chinese and Korean.
  • User settings are now read by TWLCFG, if found!
  • Added other languages ​​for the DSi home screen, as well as the iQue DSi home screen for the Chinese language! Flashcard users in DS mode will still show the normal DSi splash.
  • The 3DS / 2DS console is now found by checking the NAND, rather than the  Nintendo 3DSfolder on the SD card.
  • (  @ R-YaTian  )  Classic DS menu:  CHN and KOR Pictochat and DLP are now copied from NAND.
  • Fixed CHN and KOR Pictochat and DLP showing errors.
  • If you are using DSiWarehax (e.g. sudokuhax, Memory Pit, etc.) To run TWiLight Menu ++ and nds-bootstrap, you can now set which DSiWare exploits you are using, together with the region, in the TWLMenu ++ Settings. This allows nds-bootstrap to perform a soft reset or to exit when using DSiWarehax.
  • Added nds-bootstrap options  Expand ROM space in RAMand  Cache block size, to the Games / Apps settings page. NOTE:  for  Expand ROM space in RAM, the  +512KBoption will stop the Download Play functionality, even for games that don’t use cloneboot.
  • Added option in GBARunner2 settings page, to simulate GBA colors.
  • When running on CycloDSi iEvolution in DSi mode, the console will now restart if the FAT initialization hangs in a loop.

Bug fixes

  • If the text of the DS (i) ROM banner is not found for the language set by the user, it will now go back to the previous one by the user and also if it is not found. Resolves the display of banners for  Minna no Mahjong DS  , for non-Japanese users.
  • DS Classic menu:  fixed the problem with Pictochat and DLP not copied from the NAND.
  • DS Classic Menu:  fixed the problem of copying DLPlay from NAND, overwriting Pictochat on SD.
  • Attempt to correct the IR break after accessing the DS Classic menu. (Not tested!)

Known bug

  • Pokemon Gen 5 games when cartridges lock when selecting one  Yesor  Nofor C-Gear communications. (Reported by JosephNeale)


  • The  Nintendo DS browser  now does not work with the cartridge.


  • Overwrite the folder  _ndson the SD card, with the new one from the .7z file.
  • On 3DS, install the two CIAs in the folder  cia.