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[WII] WiiFlow Lite V5.4.5 Released

The developer fledge68 has released a new update of the WiiFlow fork of the developer FIX94 in version 5.4.5.WiiFlow Lite is a loader for wii and allows the playback of game backups from the USB drive, launch Gamecube games from SD and many others features that are listed below

  • Launch Wii games from SD or USB device formatted in FAT32, NTFS, EXT2 and WBFS
  • Launch Gamecube games on SD via Dios Mios Lite
  • Launch Gamecube games on USB via Dios Mios or Devolution
  • Start the Wii and Gamecube games via a real disk
  • Start channels from a real NAND or emu NAND
  • Launch Homebrew applications and games
  • Launch classic emu and file games via the WiiFlow plugin system
  • Support Nintendont
  • Launch WiiWare and VC games via Neek2o
  • Layouts with 3D coverflow covers


  • sourceflow shows the progress bar of cache covers only if 1 or more cached covers are missing.
  • the fixed cache covers the progress bar to not show if a plugin has no rom.
  • fixed source at startup to work only if their is a source menu. (although it can be set to on in the settings but it will not work)
  • Fixed source stream at startup to remove the green screen quick flash.
  • fix fixed for wiivc (even if not tested).
  • made minor changes to loading cios on startup.
  • fixed if wiiflow fails to boot not to quit HBC unless started from HBC.
  • cleaned up the loading of some game cios.


  • wolfSSL updated.
  • optimized splash and wait images.
  • Fixed patch video mode for PAL games when using progressive scan.


  • fixed the cheat menu that had bugs in v5.4.2


  • reset the change in 5.4.1 which made the video output a little blurry.
  • fixed the change in 5.4.0 which could be the reason why some users have problems loading games from the SD card. especially on vWii.
  • changed wiinertag to riitag and cleaned up the code for this. More information here –  https://gbatemp.net/threads/riitag-gamertag-for-wii-replacement-for-wiinnertag-and-dutag.559500/
  • dutag removed
  • changed the optimization from -os to -o2 to compile, hopefully, better.
  • other minor code cleaning.

After downloading the “wiiflow Lite” loader at the end of the post and unzipping it, look for a folder called “wiiflow_lite” (it is inside the folder called “apps”), copy this folder inside the “apps” folder which is in the root of the SD card