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[PSVITA] DaedalusX64 V0.3 Released

The developer Rinnegatamante continues the long series of changes to the code and a long work by releasing the third native version for PSVITA of DaedalusX64-vitaGL.DaedalusX64-vitaGL. it is a port of Daedalus X64, an old experimental N64 emulator for Linux / PSP whose goal was speed on accuracy. From the base of the original code a new N64 emulator has been built whose goal will be the best possible compatibility without sacrificing speed. The emulator was created through the combined work of Rinnegatamante and MasterFeizz, which implies that Daedalus X64 3DS will remain on par with the Vita build.


– Rescue functionality
– Native resolution (960 × 544) with 4x MSAA
– Native support for analogue doubles
– vFlux implementation
– Bilinear filter
– ARM DynaRec
– Audio support (synchronous)
– Rumble Pak support (with support for controllers that echo on PSTV) and Controller Pak
Support – Support for multiple controllers



Added hash control protection on texture updates (huge acceleration when texture cache is disabled).
– Weft caching is now disabled by default.
– Added an Info Rom window in Rom Selector that shows various information related to the Rom currently hovering.
– Added box art showing in Rom Selector.
– Online compatibility list integrated within the emulator itself. Now you will know how a rom actually works on the emulator from the Rom Selector itself.
– Fixed a bug that prevented some textures from rendering when rendering 3D geometries.
– Updated LiveArea resources (thanks That One Seong & TheIronUniverse).
– Optimized some dynarec operations and implemented some missing ones. (Thanks MasterFeizz and TheFloW).
– Added a hack to correctly display Rayman 2 in game texts.
– Removed the Frameskip option.
– Implemented support for rendering the CPU when starting roms (fixes some apparently blocked games at startup, eg Rayman 2).
– Correct reset of the RDP frame counter when the rom starts.
– Fixed several issues with texture size calculation (fixes many flaws in different games).
– Added an initial implementation of the MuSyx v1 audio microcode.
– Added an initial implementation of Resident Evil 2 gfx custom microcodes.
– Added a new entry in the Debugger showing the currently installed audio microcode.
– Fixed some out of limit accesses that could have led to unwanted behavior.
– Increased the newlib heap size to 160 MB (fixes an issue that prevented 46 MB roms from starting after starting another rom first).
– Added the Mipmaps option that will make the emulator use mipmaps for 3D geometries.
– Fixed an issue that caused incorrect window calculation (solves scaling problems in several games, e.g. Pokemon Stadium 2).
– Added proper view scaling for PAL ROMs.
– Added support for negative viewports (fixes renderer problems in some games, eg Fighting Force 64)
– Added support for remapping controls. (Use preset files similar to PSP build files.)
– Improved the gfx microcode detection code.
– DMA code improved.
– Fixed an issue that caused some 2D renderings to perform with incorrect textures.
– Fixed a problem with the use of the depth buffer that caused some unwanted clipping to occur (Solves some clipping problems, eg invisible connection in the interior of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
– Added an implementation of assert registration for debugging purposes.
– Switched to the use of ARM Neon for various mathematical operations (acceleration mathematical operations).
– Improved the PIF boot code.
– Added Cheats support.
– Fixed an issue that made the extractions of Rayman 2 and Donald Duck: Quack Attack 2D invisible.
– Added the Brightness option which allows you to change the brightness of the game (useful for too dark games like Doom 64).
– Pokemon Stadium and Pocket Monsters Stadium titles not bound for the correct support of the compatibility list.
– Added an experimental 16: 9 Unstretched aspect ratio (formerly Hack widescreen 16: 9).


Daedalus X64 v.0.3

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