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[PSVITA / MULTI] Terri-Fried V1.0 Released

If you are looking for a fun time on your PSVITA console or on your PC from the developer Polymars comes Terri-Fried.Terri-Friend is a fantastic game where the main purpose is to save an egg, the only survivor on earth.  Humanity depends on you. Balance power and precision in   Terri-Fried  , a 72 hour  raylib game  for Ludum Dare 46!

How to play

  • Right click and drag the mouse to form a trajectory for the egg, then release the mouse button to make it fly!
  • The game ends when the egg falls into the boiling lava. To get a high score, aim for the falling platforms and collect as many coins as you can!


  • Saving and loading are only supported on the stand-alone Windows build. 
  • The web build is currently stopped on Firefox.
  • The web build has a bug that occurs when you drag the cursor out of the window while holding down the mouse button.
  • Audio is disabled by default on the PSP build due to performance issues, but it can be enabled by pressing select during the home screen (not recommended).

If you want a more detailed explanation of how Terri-Fried was made and brought to all these platforms, I made a video with a date and time that explains the whole process!