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PSP & PS2 Releases: PPSSPP 1.10 released with numerous graphical & performance improvements and lots more & FreeDVDBoot released for the PS2 allowing one to run homebrew on an unmodded console!

Back in the late 2000s, most of the cool kids owned either a PlayStation 2, PSP or both with the PS3 still gaining traction! Moving forward a decade, the former two consoles are still getting love from the community owing to their huge success and in this article, we’ll be looking at PPSSPP 1.10 & FreeDVDBoot for the PS2!

PPSSPP 1.10 is out with many graphics, compatibility and performance improvements together with some new features!

PPSSPP is synonymous with PlayStation Portable emulation since it’s the de facto emulator for emulating the console thanks to its excellent performance, high compatibility and support for a wide range of platforms. With the emulator having been around since 2012, it is considered pretty mature but updates are still provided every now and then with PPSSPP 1.10 having been released yesterday.

As per the changelog on PPSSPP’s official website, this update brings along:

  • Numerous graphical and compatibility fixes with games such as God of War (commit) being positively affected
  • Games now load faster
  • Some minor performance improvements
  • Support for navigating menus with an analogue stick, more languages in in-game dialogues and simple multiplayer chat
  • More advanced post-processing is now available
  • Camera support on Windows, Linux and macOS
  • The ability to use VSync on all backends
  • Various other improvements including mouse support in SDL builds, HiDPI retina display support, rapid-fire for touch controls, the ability to resize game icons and much more

You may grab PPSSPP 1.10 from this page by selecting the platform of your choice. Android users may get it from the Play Store where the update rollout should be finished within a week.

CTurt Releases FreeDVDBoot exploit for the PlayStation 2

With FreeDVDBoot, all you need is a normal DVD to hack your PS2 and run homebrew with backup loading support in the works! (Video by CTurt)

Moving to the PSP’s older sibling, interest in exploit development for the PlayStation 2 still seems to be there as evidenced by CTurt, a well-known figure in hacking scenes, releasing FreeDVDBoot. While the PlayStation 2 has been hacked for years, the options for hacking it aren’t too straightforward as they require messing around with memory cards, opening up the console, installing a modchip or a HDD expansion bay but with FreeDVDBoot, all you need is a simple DVD to run your favourite homebrew!

This was achieved by exploiting the console’s DVD Player with the methods used being nicely described in technical write-up found below which intends to complement the exploit’s release. Using the exploit is pretty simple as all it has you doing is downloading an ISO file, adding homebrew to it (or simply running it off USB storage via the pre-bundled uLaunchELF homebrew), burning it and running it on your console. Further development is planned including support for multi-file homebrew (homebrew that loads other files from the DVD like emulators – this is achievable by recompiling homebrew with a freshly compiled PS2SDK since a PR adding DVD Video support was recently merged), the ability to load PS2 game backups with ESR and some optimisations to make the exploit boot faster while removing screen flicker occurring when triggering the exploit.

Instructions on how to use FreeDVDBoot can be found in its GitHub Repository & you may read the technical write-up here which contains information on the aforementioned future plans. FreeDVDBoot was only tested on the 3.10E & 3.10U versions of the PS2 DVD Player

Other News

Staying on the topic of emulation, the popular emulator Mupen64Plus-Next received an update to version 2.1 while Cemu 1.19.3 was publicly released for all to enjoy.