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iOS Jailbreaking: jailbreaks.app free signing service released – You can now jailbreak your iOS device without a PC again!

While most of us have a PC or laptop ready to be used at any time, this isn’t always the case and it can lead to going unjailbroken for a while if your jailbreaking application isn’t signed. To get rid of this issue, signing services like jailbreaks.fun emerged but due to increased Enterprise Certificate policing from Apple, many trusted ones closed down but now, jailbreaks.app has come to fill in the gap!

What is jailbreaks.app?

Despite some claiming that jailbreaking iOS devices is a thing of the past, the community behind it is still pretty strong so a trusted on-device way to install jailbreaks will be highly appreciated!

As the introduction suggests, jailbreaks.app is a free-to-use signing service that hosts the most-used jailbreaks together with other applications that Apple doesn’t allow on the app store. With iOS tweak developer @iCrazeiOS behind it, this signing service comes with an easy-to-use UI reminiscent of native applications and doesn’t host any piracy-related offerings, such as paid apps for free, which earned it the backing of r/jailbreak, a community with over 550,000+ members.

With jailbreaks.app, one can directly install and use jailbreaks on their iDevice through Enterprise Certificates which are issued by Apple for distribution of internal applications by larger companies to employees. As a result, these certificates are sometimes revoked because they’re not being used for their designated purpose so obviously, jailbreaks.app may cease to work from time to time when a revoke happens till a new Enterprise Certificate is obtained to sign applications with. While this may be a tad annoying, it beats having to use a computer and AltStore/iOS App Signer to get jailbreaking applications such as unc0ver & Electra installed on your device.

Which jailbreaks & applications does jailbreaks.app offer?

jailbreaks.app provides easy on-device installation for most jailbreaking solutions supporting iOS 11.0+. Checkra1n is obviously not offered since that uses low-level exploits requiring a computer to run!

Currently, jailbreaks.app caters for the jailbreaking needs of most people as it offers jailbreaks compatible with iOS 11+ together with some other stuff. The jailbreaks.app catalogue includes:

  • unc0ver 5.3.1, a jailbreak by @pwn20wnd et al for iOS 11.0-13.5
  • Odyssey Beta 2 & Beta 3, a jailbreak by Coolstar et al for iOS 13.0-13.5
  • Chimera 1.4.0, an iOS 12.0-12.4 (excluding iOS 12.3 & some exceptions for A12 devices) jailbreak by Coolstar et al
  • rootlessJB4 RC 2.1, by Brandon Plank, which is a jailbreak without Cydia/Sileo for more advanced users supporting iOS 12.0-12.4.8 on A7-A11 chips
  • Classic Player by @fr0st which provides an iPod Classic-esque music playing application
  • HQCE by @iDerp21 which is some form of trivia application

In its current state, jailbreaks.app allows one to easily browse and install the applications it offers but in my opinion, it should also provide some form of description, screenshots and compatibility information so that those using the website can more easily find what they’re after.


To get the latest updates relating to jailbreaks.app’s status, follow the Twitter account linked below. A couple of hours ago, some users reported revokes by Apple but I personally attempted to install unc0ver while writing this article and it went through just fine so your mileage may vary. Enjoy hacking on-display devices at Apple stores again 

Jailbreaks.app Website: https://jailbreaks.app

Jailbreaks.app Twitter (latest updates): https://twitter.com/JailbreaksApp