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[PS4] ESP8266XploitHost 2.84g compatible with firmware 6.72 released

 AUG 9, 2020

The developer c0d3m4st4@ has released a new update of ESP8266XploitHost with the new version 2.84g. For those unfamiliar with ESP8266, it is a tiny programmable device with a Wifi chip capable of hosting a mini-server. It is powered via USB, a perfect solution for those who want to jailbreak on 5.05 / 6.72 without too many problems.To use ESP8266 on 6.72, you will simply need an ESP8266 device and the c0d3m4st4 files at the end of the article. Inside the file is included a long pdf document explaining how to install the files on ESP8266.Once everything is installed on the device just plug it into the USB port of your PS4.Just connect your PS4 to the ESP8286 Wi-Fi, then open the PS4 user guide



ESP8266XploitHost 2.84g