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PlayStation 2 News: FreeDVDBoot starts working on Phat PS2 consoles with DVD Player Version 2.10 & 2.12 port – Software hack can be ported to 1.00 to 2.13 with new vulnerabilities!

In late June, CTurt released FreeDVDBoot for the PlayStation 2 which is software-based hack allowing one to hack their console by burning a mere DVD. Now, support has been extended to some Phat models with DVD Player 2.10 support through a new vulnerability that also works on DVD Player 1.00-2.13!

What is FreeDVDBoot?

FreeDVDBoot allows one to use homebrew & more on their PlayStation 2 by simply burning a DVD as opposed to other hacking methods

FreeDVDBoot is a software hack, by CTurt, for PlayStation 2 consoles which leverages vulnerabilities found within the system’s DVD Player which is a feature that was a great selling point when the console was in its heyday during the 2000s. Released in late June, this hack allows one to run homebrew on their console and also play ‘backups’ through specific versions of ESR Patcher without having to mess around with installing a modchip or putting hacks on a PS2 memory card thus making it appealing to those with an unmodified PlayStation 2.

When it comes to model support, FreeDVDBoot supports all Slim models & even the Sony BRAVIA KDL22PX300 TV which comes with a built-in PlayStation 2 as these come with DVD Player 3.10/3.11. On the Phat front, only some SCPH-500xx models were potentially supported provided they shipped with DVD Player 3.04 as the exploit being used only supports DVD Player 3.03 & above but now, a new vulnerability has been found with DVD Player 1.00-2.13 support!

FreeDVDBoot gets support for DVD Player 2.10 & 2.12 thanks to a vulnerability found by ElReino

Support for DVD Player 2.10 & 2.12 has been added and tested by community members (Tweet)

This week, activity around FreeDVDBoot started spinning up again thanks to a vulnerability by ElReino which affects DVD Player 1.00-2.13 thus allowing for a good deal of Phat PlayStation 2 consoles to be supported. With this vulnerability, CTurt went ahead and added support for both DVD Player version 2.10 & 2.12 which community members tested to confirm proper functioning.

Going forward, CTurt plans on adding support for more DVD Player versions in the 1.00-2.13 range but is giving no ETAs since adding support requires a good deal of back-and-forth with community members willing to test updated images provided. This can be a tad difficult as some PlayStation 2 DVD Player versions aren’t as common as others so a community-wide effort has to be made!


In order to get FreeDVDBoot, you can check out its GitHub repository below which also contains installation instructions. A compatibility list found on PlayStation Dev Wiki has also been provided so that you can easily check whether your PlayStation 2 is compatible with CTurt’s software hack!

FreeDVDBoot’s GitHub Repository (contains installation instructions + downloads): https://github.com/CTurt/FreeDVDBoot

FreeDVDBoot Compatibility List: https://playstationdev.wiki/ps2devwiki/index.php?title=FreeDVDBoot_Compatibility_List