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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.9.2pre1 Fourth Anniversary Edition released

 AUG 23, 2020

Developer  d0k3 has released the second 2020 update of GodMode9 in version 1.9.2pre1 to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the release . GodMode9 is a comprehensive file manager for the Nintendo 3DS system, which gives you access to all SD card data and FAT partitions within your SysNAND and EmuNAND. In addition, the program allows you to copy, delete, rename files and create folders, but beware the misuse of this program can accidentally damage the data on your console and lead to the brick, so be careful !!

From this release, all access points older than A9LH will be removed from the source code. Includes Brahma, GW, and all variants of CakeHax.FAST GUIDE

For all users who have ARM9loaderhax and Luma3DS installed 

  • Rename GodMode9.bin   to  X_GodMode9.bin  and put it in sd: / luma / payloads /
  • Look for the   aeskeydb.bin, seeddb.bin and encTitlekeys.bin files somewhere on google (don’t ask me!) And put these three files in sd: / or sd: / files9 (optional but recommended for full functionality).

More installation information you can read the Github page hereCHANGELOG

v 1.9.2

  • [new] Support for mounting title.db (thanks  @ aspargas2  )
  • [new] Support for managing tickets of varying sizes (thanks  @luigoalma  )
  • [improved] Fixed support for mounting ticket.db (thanks  @ aspargas2  )
  • [improved] Various improvements to the CIA builder, mainly for the CIA from NCSD
  • [improved] Tons of small performance improvements (thanks  @Wolfvak  )
  • [improved] Much smaller company size (thanks  @Wolfvak  )
  • [fixed] Fixed screen initialization problem (for real this time!) (thanks  @Wolfvak  )
  • [fixed] Tons of small bug fixes
  • [preview] Ability to install NCCH, NCSD (.3DS), DSiWare NDS, CIA, NUS / CDN on the system

Did you know?
The first public version of GodMode9 was GodMode9 v0.2.0, released on March 22, 2016. A lot has happened since then and many people have contributed to this with code, bug reports and tests. GodMode9 has gone from the first entry points (Brahma anyone?) To the modern FIRM sighax entry point and has acquired more and more functionality, making it what it is today: one of the most important Swiss Army knife utilities for the Nintendo 3DS system.

A prerelease?
Although it has undergone basic testing and we have made sure that nothing bad will happen, it is still considered beta status. New things may still be a little rough around the edges. Your feedback will help us improve what remains to be done. We already know, turning off the backlight on a closed lid no longer works (a solution is in the works). We’ve also included a preview of what we’re currently working on: installing game images (also works directly from game cartridges) on your system. This feature should still be used with caution (not marked as a preview for any reason, maybe you have a NAND backup ready?). The game installation will be improved and extended in the next version.

GodMode9 bootloader
When we introduced the GodMode9 bootloader, there was basically just one other alternative, which was  boot9strap  . We intended to provide the user with an alternative, providing more customization and possibilities. Nowadays, we have  fastboot3ds  (who coincidentally is also a co-author of d0k3) and, if we’re honest, the GodMode9 bootloader can’t hold a candle to fastboot3DS (not as a bootloader, that is). For this reason, the GodMode9 bootloader will be removed starting with the next major release. If you feel that the decision is not right, you are free to discuss it with us. We are available in  the GodMode9 Discord channel  .

GodMode9 is not an individual project, it wouldn’t have come anywhere near what it is today without the help of numerous people. A big thank you for this release goes to  @ aspargas2  , who provided a lot of code, including support  ticket.dband  title.dbmanipulation (laying the groundwork for installing the game image) and many other small bug fixes. Another big thank you goes to  @ profi200  , who provided the solution to our screen initialization problems, and to  @Wolfvak  , for  bringing that solution to GodMode9, plus all the work it is doing to improve the code base and performance of GodMode9. I also thank everyone who helped us with bug reports, tests and all the members of  the official GodMode9 Discord channel .

Fast guide

These instructions apply to all users who have ARM9loaderhax or SigHax and Luma3DS installed (Luma3DS set with standard paths). Here’s how to quickly set it up:

  • SigHax / Boot9Strap  : Copy  GodMode9.firmsomewhere on your SD card and  launch it  from there. FIRM payloads can be  run  by  Luma3DS  or  Boot9Strap  .
  • [A9LH only] Rename GodMode9.bin(from the release archive) to X_GodMode9.bingoX to the button of your choice) and enter itsd:/luma/payloads/
  • [SigHax only] Rename GodMode9.firm(from the release archive) to X_GodMode9.firmgoX to the button of your choice) and enter itsd:/luma/payloads/
  • Copy the folder  gm9 to the SD card. Then, find the versions of aeskeydb.binseeddb.binand encTitlekeys.binsomewhere (don’t ask me!) And put these three files in sd:/gm9/support(optional but recommended for full functionality).
  • Helpful Tip # 1 : Go here for a step-by-step guide to doing some common tasks in GodMode9. Especially users from Decrypt9WIP or Hourglass9 might find it useful.
  • Helpful Tip # 2 : Never unlock the red write permission level unless you know exactly what you are doing . You will notice that when the prompt comes up, it has a completely red screen. It is recommended to always stay at the yellow permission level or below to be completely safe. Also read more about the write permissions system below.

You can now run GodMode9 by holding the X button (or any other selected button) at startup.DOWNLOAD