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Daedalus X64 (N64 Emulator) v0.5: Adds Network Loading of Roms / Shaders / Overlay / Playtime count

Following the previous update (v0.4), developer @Rinnegatamante has unleashed a massive update to the Daedalus x64 (Nintendo 64) emulator today for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV With the project now maturing to version 0.5 with this latest update the dev has provided various fixes and new implementation of features as well (some seen already if you keep up with the nightly builds.). 
Some of these features in 0.5 (stable) include the following (see full changelog below for complete changes): Network loading of Roms is now supported, No longer let storage issue’s slow you down, now simply load your roms via network on v0.5+, Plus, this update has this small but handy change allowing for a custom rom path. The update has provided updates to the Rom Database for detecting roms like the recenSuper Mario 64 Remaster and Super Luigi 64 among others commercial roms that were missing from the database listings, New Shader and Overlay Support has been added to name just some of the new inclusions listed in the changelogs provided in version 0.5’s update. Also, developer @Rinnegatamante has provided various fixes and improvements for some excisting features that have been made throughout the emulator as well, These changes have targeting various elements throughout the emulator improving the experience even with Gameplay elements and compatability in various n64 titles. See complete log for all changes within the emulator for this v0.5 update provided by developer @Rinnegatamante .

Checkout the Official Release Thread for Deadalus x64 only in the PSX-Place forums for additional information about the project: ​

  • via Rinnegatamante (v0.5 release)
  • Some Highlights in 0.5

  • v.0.5 is available for download!
    • It adds a lot of new features like loading roms over network, rom lister filtering and searching, post processing shaders, overlay, playtime tracking etc.
    • Also, a lot of bugfixes on the renderer and several optimizations to the code had been done making the emulator have better performances in general.
    You can find a guide on webserver setup for loading roms over network > HERE < in the “Extra Features Tutorials” tab​
    Changelogs v0.5
    – Improved Greek translation.
    – Improved gfx microcode detection code.
    – Several bugfixes in Diddi Kong Racing gfx microcode.
    – Added Acclaim lighting microcode support.
    – Added F3D Beta gfx microcode support.
    – Fixed a bug causing analog to become unresponsive after attempting to change MSAA mode.
    – Improved custom bubbles launcher stability.
    – Added custom rom path support.
    – Added automatic detection and listing of roms inside PSPEMU installation of Daedalus X64.
    – Beautified rom lister window.
    – Added a feature to search for a rom inside rom lister.
    – Improved autoupdater efficiency.
    – Fixed a bug causing data downloader to sometimes show incorrect progress state.
    – Added support for Hey you, Pikachu gfx microcode.
    – Fixed a bug in BranchZ instruction in F3DEX gfx microcode.
    – Added beta perspection support to gfx microcodes. (Used by Super Mario 64 and Cruise’n USA)
    – Several optimizations and improvements to several gfx microcodes.
    – Fixed a bug causing “Unknown” string to not be translated for Region and Cic Type info.
    – Added Aleck64 games entries in the roms database.
    – Improved debug logger code for gfx microcodes.
    – Optimized vertices calculation code.
    – Improved culling code.
    – Added F-Zero X Climax in the roms database.
    – Added Ocarina of Time Redux in the roms database.
    – Removed “Depth Buffer Clear” option and made it enabled by default in games requiring it (Donkey Kong 64).
    – Force disabled autoupdater when running Daedalus X64 in custom bubble mode.
    – Improved LiveArea assets.
    – Added Super Mario 64 Remastered in the roms database.
    – Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
    – Improved speed of roms database parser.
    – Added an hack that solves some glitches in F-Zero X.
    – Fixed a bug causing some roms to not be properly parsed.
    – Added feature to filter roms in rom lister.
    – Added post processing shaders support. (Daltonic, FXAA, Greyscale, Hue & Saturation, LCD 3x, Negative, Sepia Tone, Sharp Bilinear (Grid), Sharp Bilinear (Scanlines))
    – Added overlays support.
    – Extended compatibility list pagination.
    – Added support for launching roms from a webserver.
    – Added fast-forward functionality (Hold Select while in game).
    – Added Sin & Punishment (ESP Translation) in the roms database.
    – Greatly increased speed of data downloader.
    – Added The Legend of Zelda – The Missing Link in the roms database.
    – Prevent games from crashing when they attempt to load too big textures.
    – Fixed a bug causing some games to permanently freeze during some RDP jobs execution.
    – Fixed a bug causing RDP segment addresses to be incorrectly calculated.
    – Fixed a bug causing textures to be incorrectly scaled when previous draw was performed with texture disabled.
    – Optimized vertex microcodes.
    – Properly renamed european rom of PGA European Tour Golf in the roms database.
    – Optimized colorspace conversion code.
    – Added support for a custom background image in the roms lister.
    – Fixed a bug causing glitches when Brightness was different from 1.0 and the running game used certain blend modes.
    – Added a new experimental renderer mode (Modern) with full shaders usage. (Offloads a lot of tasks over the GPU and fixes certain glitches eg. Epona legs being invisible in Ocarina of Time)
    – Several improvements to S2DEX and Sprite2D gfx microcodes.
    – Added several missing entries and fixed somee existing ones in the roms database.
    – Fixed a bug causing an incorrect calculation of the program counter on Sprite2DBase instruction.
    – Fixed some incorrect cover filenames in the roms database.
    – Added playtime tracking feature.
    – Fixed a bug causing Daedalus X64 to permanently self break when autoupdater not fully downloaded an update (eg. Internet connection lost while updating).
    – Several improvements to 2D rendering code.
    – Made so that texture existence is checked before drawing.
    – Added Hebrew charset support.
    – Several optimizations to High Level Emulation GU code.
    – Added Super Luigi 64 in the roms database.
    – Fixed a potential buffer overflow on translations loading.
    – Replaced “Daedalus X64” string on top-right of the screen in the roms lister with the running build versioning. 

Official Download @: VitaDB
Source Code @:Github

Official Release Thread/Info @: psx-place.com
Support the dev’s work on Patreon @: patreon.com/Rinnegatamante/