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PSVita News: Quick Menu Plus 2.0.0 released combining Quick Volume, Quick Power & Rapid Menu & TheFlow creates PSVita resolution hack for Tomb Raider PSP!

On smartphones, tablets, consoles and even PCs, there’s generally Control Center-style functionality allowing you to quickly change the most common settings (volume/WiFi & others) and Sony thankfully bestowed the Vita with the Quick Menu which does just that. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the release of Quick Menu Plus 2.0.0 which is a plugin that aims to improve the Vita’s Quick Menu and some news from TheFlow on yet another PSP game resolution hack!

Quick Menu Plus 2.0.0 released by combining various plugins

Quick Menu Plus allows you to easily change your Vita’s master volume, turn it off and more while coming with some customisability!

As its name suggests, Quick Menu Plus is an all-in-one user-mode plugin for the PlayStation Vita that aims to improve its Quick Menu by adding various features. Starting with version 2.0.0 which was released yesterday, this plugin by cuevavirus combines three separate Quick Menu-related plugins in one which include:

  • Quick Power
    • This plugin adds a ‘Power’ section to the Quick Menu that allows you to easily Power Off, Restart or Suspend your console
  • Quick Volume
    • Adds a ‘Master Volume’ section to the Quick Menu
  • Rapidmenu

Other than simply merging three plugins, Quick Menu Plus 2.0.0 also comes with other improvements including the ability to configure how long the Quick Menu takes to pop up, configurable power buttons, custom background styles (original, translucent or black), support for test kit FW 3.60 and a bug fix.

You may read more about Quick Menu Plus 2.0.0 by following this link to its release thread on Team CBPS’ forums. Instructions on how to configure it are also provided.

TheFlow creates resolution hack plugin for Tomb Raider PSP allowing it to be played at 960×544 on the Vita!

Fancy playing Tomb Raider Anniversary @ 960×544 on your Vita? With TheFlow’s work, this may soon become possible! (Tweet)

While the PSVita can play all of your favourite PSP titles and also give you easy access to save states & screen filters with Adrenaline, one thing that it doesn’t do is upscale PSP games to its native resolution. This means a 480×272 image being displayed on a 960×544 screen which results in a more pixelated or blurry experience depending on your preference. However, TheFlow has manged to find ways to increase the rendering resolution of some PSP games when played on the Vita through Adrenaline with GTA VCS/LCS and other titles being able to run at 960×544 albeit with reduced performance.

Now, Tomb Raider for the PSP has received the increased resolution treatment resulting in a much clearer picture on the PlayStation Vita. From a tweet shared earlier today, TheFlow demonstrates Tomb Raider: Anniversary running at 960×544 via Adrenaline using a native resolution plugin but states that the game runs at around 18FPS at this resolution BUT it runs better at 720×408 which is half-way between the PSP’s and Vita’s resolution although he hints that applying hacks may be possible to improve performanceNo word seems to have been given on whether the PSP’s port of Tomb Raider: Legend is also supported by the work that TheFlow is demonstrating.

As of right now, TheFlow seems to have provided no download link but you can follow his Twitter profile for the latest updates!

Other News

Staying on the subject of the PSVita, JJH47E has released another Snake homebrew for the Vita while the Play! emulator (PS2) has seen some improvements in Snowblind games including Baldur’s GateScott Pilgrim is also playable online on RPCS3 thanks to recent developments!