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  • PhoneZalo : 0987929209
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  • Open Hours8:00 tới 18:00

[UPDATE v3] Barulandia (PS3) – A Painting Game by JMGK

Update v3 Released (likely Final Version Released)

Here is some new development on the PS3 with a new project by developer @JMGK called Barulandia, It’s a painting game that has been ported to the PS3 (for use on CFW or PS3HEN). The project is written in C utilizing the OpenSDK on the PS3 known as PSl1ght, + SDL 1.3. the projects source code is hosted at github (seen here).

This is a great game for that young members of the household picking up a controller and wanting to allow for some creativity. This homebrew is like a virtual coloring book, where you can add objects from some imagines provided already and choose your custom color’s and simply point to colorize your pics. Might not be the most enjoyable thing but if you need a spare few moments to keep the young ones occupied while they are exercising some creativity Barulandia might be a great game for your PS3.


  • Barulandia Painting Game
    image-2.jpg image-0.jpg

    Version 1 Released

    UPDATE (v2)

    Update v3:

    SCREENSHOT_2020_11_15_01_29_44.PNG SCREENSHOT_2020_11_15_01_29_22.PNG SCREENSHOT_2020_11_15_01_30_10.PNG


    Here’s version 3 of Barulandia, and should be the final version (unless somebody find a bug). Its code is cleaner, more features, etc. Is so more polished that almost make me fell ashamed to have released the previous two version…

    It now let you save your ongoing paintings, and have a gallery option that allow you to continue from where you left. Has sound and a in-game help (acessible using SELECT).


    It only uses SDL2 for video, sound (Mikmod support was commited, and later removed, in favor of a pure SDL port), joystick and kbd / mouse. I decided to use the SDL2 port sergious87, as mentioned above.

    The code is portable, and compile fine for PS3 using PSL1GHT SDK and toolchain, for linux using gcc and clang, and for windows using msvc. Makefiles/projects included.

    The linux/win versions support kbd (wasz for triangle, square, circle, cross, and arrows for ljoy/dpad) and mouse (rclick to paint), altought mouse movement is a bit ‘clumsy’. They where mean as development help (windows version was barely tested, but compile and seens to work). If someone wants to play on linux/win better use the html5 version.

Latest Download: Link

Source Code @: link

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