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  • PhoneZalo : 0987929209
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  • Open Hours8:00 tới 18:00

Release: OpenOrbis Toolchain (PS4 Homebrew SDK) 0.5.2

Scene dev SpecterDev has updated the OpenOrbis Toolchain to version 0.5.2. For those of you joining us into the wonderful world of homebrew for the PS4, have you ever considered making your own games/tools for the PS4? This toolchain is here to help you do that.

What is OpenOrbis Toolchain

The OpenOrbis PS4 toolchain “enables developers to build homebrew without the need of Sony’s official Software Development Kit (SDK). It contains the header files, library stubs, and tools to build applications and libraries for the PS4.”

What’s new in OpenOrbis Toolchain 0.5.2

From the changelog:

  • C++ exception support has been added (thanks Nikita Krapivin)!
  • Added OpenGL/piglet GPU rendering sample + headers (thanks Nikita Krapivin)!
  • Added automated package generation to sample build scripts!
  • Added C++ support for building libraries/PRXs!
  • Added and updated prototypes/types for over 13 PS4-specific headers (thanks 0x199, sleirsgoevy, Nikita Krapivin, OSM, al-azif, bucanero)!
  • Updated build system/scripts for samples and VS project templates to a more clean and convenient system.
  • Fixed an issue where homebrew apps were hard to debug in GDB due to improper .dynamic section (thanks sleirsgoevy)!
  • Fixed more discrepancies between BSD and MUSL headers (thanks sleirsgoevy, al-azif).
  • Fixed an issue where C++ cmath headers failed to use certain namespaces (thanks Nikita Krapivin).
  • Fixed various miscalculation bugs in create-fself.
  • Reworked musl to use libkernel instead of syscalls for compatibility (thanks sleirsgoevy, John Tornblom).
  • Merged create-eboot and create-lib into one tool for ease-of-use.

Download and use OpenOrbis Toolchain

You can download the latest version of OpenOrbis toolchain here.

For usage, the best place to get started is SpecterDev’s own series of tutorial videos, which you can find on youtube below:


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