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  • PhoneZalo : 0987929209
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  • Open Hours8:00 tới 18:00

[PS4 Scene] BwE PS4 NOR Validator v1.9.4 released

Published a new update of BwE PS4 NOR Validator , the application allows us to validate literally every single byte of the NOR memory (or over 2100 specific areas) of the PlayStation 4 console , allowing us to discover the presence of any corruption.

BwE PS4 NOR Validator could be particularly useful for those experiencing the dreaded Blue Light of Death error , usually caused by an error in the CID.

Some areas of this section can actually be fixed with any luck, you can make use of another comparison tool to figure out what the difference is for a specific section of the NOR.

The program shows areas that are filler and areas that are static (which are unchanged across consoles). Other areas however can be switched between different consoles and are more suitable for repair (the WiFi/BT module is a good example).

Warning: This program is NOT perfect, but it’s so much better than using a hex editor or never really knowing if your BLOD was caused by NOR memory!


  1. Comparison .
    • Launch the compare app, used for mass diagnosis and dump comparison (upload multiple files .binto the same directory). It has multiple output options.
      1. Offsets appears.
      2. MD5 Offsets appears.
      3. Offsets Entropy appears.
      4. Double Offset Comparison.
      5. Dynamic MD5 Calculation.
      6. Compare MD5 files.
      7. Compare File Entropy & Byte Count.
  2. Patches (/Patches/) .
    • Designed to load patches .binfrom the /patches/ directory. It will automatically interpret and locate patch offsets if they have been pulled from the program. If not, it will ask for a starting address.
  3. Patch Corrupted CoreOS (SU-30631-3 Error) .
    • Basically an automated version of what Andrew Paul suggests ( https://youtu.be/35DFGCim_WY ). It will scan the CoreOS and fix the bad sections within about 1 second.
  4. Enable/Disable UART or IDU Mode .
    • Enable/Disable the UART flag within the PS4 – This will work without the need for Jailbreak. If that doesn’t work, check the UART UNK flag status and email me.
  5. Extract (BwE Style) .
    • It extracts based on literal files and does it dynamically based on their size.
  6. Extract (Zecoxao Style) .
    • Extracting sections of files based on Sony file blocks.
  7. Validate .
    • Quite obvious, it will parse the entire dump from start to finish and produce human-readable validation output in HTML format.


  • Fixed a small bug in Syscon Scanning (<= 0 Slot1 Crashing App Length).
  • Bundled External HWID Generator App (Automatic HWID Copies to Clipboard).

Archive password: BwE

Download:  BwE PS4 NOR Validator v1.9.4

Download: Source code BwE PS4 NOR Validator v1.9.4

Source: github.com

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