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  • PhoneZalo : 0987929209
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[Wii Scene] WiiMC-SS v3.0.0 released

Released a new and impressive update for WiiMC-SS , the media player allows you to play any type of audio and video format on the Nintendo Wii console .


The open source application allows you to view images, play music files and even play physical DVDs, complete with menu support.

This new update adds a screensaver that will display folder banners: these must be in 16:9 format (with dimensions of 978×550 pixels).

Also improved support for BRSTM and BCSTM while now you can choose many more styles for subtitles. ADX, BRSTM and OGG Vorbis can reconnect media and radio streams after one minute of inactivity.


  • Cover art embedded in MP3, MP4 (AAC, ALAC), FLAC, OGG, WMA and AIFF.
  • Dynamic cover update from Tunein, Yggdrasil Radio and ANISON.FM.
  • Render side-by-side (true 720x480p) depending on video size.
  • Perfect synchronization in video at 29.97/30 fps in 480i/p mode.
  • Sync options for interlaced video. (MKV and DVD Video elements).
  • Subtitles always use DAR instead of SAR.
  • GameCube controller support.
  • Better handling of ADX and BRSTM game formats.
  • Various options: 240p mode, night filter, volnorm, deflicker, etc..
  • Use the “.dash” extension to skip the deblock filter in H.264 and VP8 files.
  • Added Shuffle, Loop and Continuous modes for videos.
  • Artwork Viewer for video and music using external files.
  • Support for Wii Message Board playlog when started from a channel.
  • Switching themes now requires arguments.
  • The Force IOS argument allows you to use a different USB module with IOS202.
  • Reconnect radio streams after one minute if an error is detected.
  • Removed photo viewer, BMP/GIF, NTFS and several codecs for low memory usage.


  • Online audio streams (also known as radio streams) can reconnect 1m after inactivity.
  • ADX, BRSTM and OGG Vorbis files can have loop support.
  • A new screensaver can be used for the video section; scroll banners from a folder onto the screen.
  • MKV files with CC as an entry title will change to monospace.ttfinstead of subfont.ttf.
  • Improved handling of interlaced videos.
  • More choices for overriding subtitle styles.
  • Your GameCube or 3DS controller can now use the on-screen keyboard and dial.
  • Forcing IOS allows you to use a different module for USB compatibility.
  • Further fixes to reading metadata for audio files.

Download: WiiMC-SS v3.0.0

Download: Source code WiiMC-SS v3.0.0

Source: wiidadatabase.de

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