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PS Vita Release: Late Shift Vita Port (FuHEN contest entry). Additionally, Rinnegatamante brings Trophy support to Vita homebrew

Yet another release by Vita developer Rinnegatamante, But this time it comes with an extra bonus! The developer has ported Late Shift, an FMV Crime Thriller, to the PS Vita, via a new game engine he built from scratch. In parallel, he released NoTrpDrm, a plugin that lets you use the PSN Trophy mechanism in Homebrew games. For good measure, the developer has also submitted his “Late Shift” port to the FuHEN homebrew contest. Last but not least, he has also updated his World of Goo port to include Trophy support as well.

What is Late Shift for PS Vita

Late Shift is part of a revival wave of FMV Video Games. The game is described as a “High stakes crime thriller” and was released in 2017 originally. It holds a very positive rating on Steam. FMVs are a very particular breed of video games, but this seems to be one of the best of the genre.

About the Vita port:

This is a complete rewrite from scratch of the FMV game Late Shift from CtrlMovie studio. It runs on OpenFMV engine, an FMV game engine wrote from scratch to mimic Wales Interactive engine used for their FMV games. Late Shift is a high stakes FMV crime thriller. Forced into a brutal London heist, your choices matter in this interactive cinematic experience with adaptable storylines that lead to one of seven conclusions. Your decisions are you.

Yup, that’s right, Rinne wrote an entirely new Game engine from scratch to port this game from PC to the PS vita. And it appears he’s looking to port more FMV games from Wales Interactive, including Five Dates, The Complex, or the Shapeshifting Detective.

Download Late Shift (and NoTrpDrm) for PS Vita

(Note that the developer has also updated his port of World of Goo to support trophies, check the update here)

To install Late Shift:

  • Install libshacccg.suprx, if you don’t have it already, by following this guide.
  • Install lateshift.vpk.
  • Grab the Subtitles folder from your purchased copy of the game and place it in ux0:data/Late Shift.
  • Place video_process.bat inside the folder of your purchased copy of the game and run it (you’ll need to install ffmpeg if you don’t have it already).
  • Install Total Commander and its PSARC plugin.
  • Launch Total Commander and navigate up to your purchased copy of the game main folder.
  • Right click on Converted folder; it will turn red.
  • Click on File -> Pack.
  • Set psarc as Compressor and then click on Configure button right below.
  • Set PSARC Version to 1.3Compression to ZLIB and Ratio to 0 and press OK.
  • Press OK to launch the compression, it will create a file in C:\Converted.psarc. (If you get an error, manually change the location in the command line string psarc: DESTINATIONFOLDER\Converted.psarc).
  • Place the resulting psarc file in ux0:data/Late Shift named as Videos.psarc.
  • Download and install AssetStudio
  • Launch AssetStudioGUI and click on File -> Load File.
  • Open the file LateShift_Data/StreamingAssets/AssetBundles/audio with it.
  • Click on Export -> All assets and select an empty folder where to extract the assets.
  • Place audio_process.exe and msys-2.0.dll in the same folder where you extracted the assets and run it.
  • Copy the resulting oggs folder in ux0:data/Late Shift.
  • (Optional) For trophies to be unlockable, install NoTrpDRM.

About FuHEN (PS Vita Homebrew Contest)

FuHEN is a homebrew contest for the PS Vita with more than $1000 in cash prizes. You have until September 22nd to submit your homebrew to the contest. Check their official site here for details.

Source: VitaDB

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